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Winter Skin care

Winter brings dry cracked skin, due to central heating and the cold weather. We end up with dry skin all over our body, chapped hands, cracked heels can make us feel unhappy about our bodies during this season

How can you protect your skin?

  1. Moisturise! – search for something heavier and oil-based rather than light weight. The thicker the moisturiser the thicker the barrier you put onto your skin, protecting you from the weather elements. Night creams are good to use in this case
  2. Wear gloves – your hands are affected most by the cold weather as the skin tends to be thinner, where possible wear gloves to stop them from being exposed to the cold weather. Thin pair of cotton gloves can make all the difference as it creates a layer which will keep your hands slightly warmer preventing skin from cracking
  3. Remove wet clothing asap! – Cold and wet material can often lead to skin becoming irritated, itchy and potentially crack
  4. Use a humidifier – heating systems dry out the air and therefore your skin, think about using a humidifier to keep the air moist as it will stop your skin from drying out and give you a chance to add moisturiser before it gets to the point of cracking
  5. Drink water! – this is a must, keeping your skin hydrated inside and out. We should be drinking plenty of water all year long, not just in the hotter summer months
  6. Lotion your feet – foot creams should be a part of your daily routine, you need to look for creams with glycerine in as these are stronger and will keep that tough skin as moist and supple as possible, even if they don’t always smell great.
  7. Avoid hot baths – a good long soak in the bath is fine, as long as the water is not too hot as this will lead to a number of skin problems. The hot water breaks down the protective barriers designed to keep moisture in, resulting in your skin drying out quicker.

The key is to prevent your skin from drying out as much as possible to make it easier to look after your body and skin.

Time to look after your skin and yourself like a pro! X


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