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What’s the Deal With: Paw Patrol

It’s an innocent kids program but there are so many questions that come to mind when watching it.

Firstly, let’s not look at the new series which has just been released! Dinosaurs! seriously, so many questions there. How are the dinosaurs still alive? Do they go back in time when they visit the dinosaurs? Why are there more Turbots there? Where do the Turbots come from? Where does Taylor Turbot go to school, also how does she go to school? Why have we never heard about these Turbots before? Why aren’t the carnivorous dinosaurs a threat to the humans?

Yes, I really do sit there asking myself these questions.

Now to the really juicy bit. Mighty Pups! Could the writers not think of any other story line to make? Why not do an Alien story line, if the meteor hit. That’s surely the most logical. But superhero pups? And how did the meteor know what the pups strengths were, in order to emphasise them? Why do the pups paws glow, didn’t they see their own feet glowing when they got their “powers”.

Ok so now just to the main programme.

#1 dogs can talk – thats not particularly realistic really is it?

#2 only dogs can talk, all other animals are obsolete compared to dogs as they are unable to speak. Unless you are a master criminal CAT

#3 Where does Rider get all that money from, and all the equipment. He must be charging everyone for his services, and at a high premium too. Or perhaps there’s something else going on?

#4 Why aren’t all the children at school? We only see the younger children (Alex, and the twins) go to school, but Daring Danny X, Rider and Katy are all “working” rather than going to school. Aren’t they all like 10 or something?

#5 Where are the police/ fire services/ ambulance etc. Why do the Paw Patrol rule adventure bay?

#6 Why hasn’t Humdinger been jailed yet? He is a criminal and quite frankly not very nice, yet every time he breaks the rules he is let of with a “just yelp for help” in other words he is constantly forgiven, but why?

#7 How did Mayor Goodway get to be Mayor? She’s not particularly good at her job, and every time something goes wrong she has to call the paw patrol. Why? Can’t anyone in this town do something for themselves?

#8 How many bodies (pups and Rider) does it take to change a lightbulb? Every rescue that the paw patrol make seems to take up at least 3 bodies in total. When in reality it could just be done with 1 person, or occasionally 2. Why can’t Rider use a screw driver rather than making a pup do the handy work?

#9 Where are the parents? What has happened to Riders parents? Why don’t we ever see them? or hear about them? Actually come to think of it, where are any of the parents? Alex lives with his grandpa, why? and we never see or hear of any parents, just grandparents if we hear about any family members. do the writers have a problem with parents?

#10 How has Rider got a driving licence? Also how can the dogs drive? How has the town ended up being run by children who can do adult things?

#11 Why do the pups act so surprised when Rider calls them to the lookout when they are standing right next to him as he gets the phone call, or if they are the cause of the problem, or witnessed the problem? It just doesn’t make sense.

Please makers of Paw Patrol can you look into these problems and give us adults a solution or answer in one of your episodes? I feel like we all need this. But most of all, I just want to know WHERE ARE THE PARENTS and WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM!

What questions do you have about Paw Patrol? Are you confused like me?

Much love xx


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