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Water: The Key to Natural Beauty

WATER – We should all love this stuff, we should be using it to the best of it’s ability and stop taking it for granted. Water is so so so important for our beauty and yet many of us aren’t drinking enough of the stuff.

Our body is 70 percent water so when we don’t drink enough of it, our appearance will be affected. Any not in a good way. Drinking water is undoubtedly the easiest and most efficient way of preventing the signs of aging, maintaining smooth skin and keeping the body healthy.


Water eliminates the toxins in our body that are built up through contact with pollutants, tobacco smoke, stress and other things that can affect our bodies, causing premature aging and skin decline.

Water not only gives skin a more youthful appearance but also eliminates all of these elements, which cause the appearance of acne. Acne is formed by the accumulation of bacteria, oil, dead skin and dirt on the skin. Even for those with oily skin and problems with acne, water is needed to wash away both internal and external impurities.

Water also helps vitamins and nutrients to easily flow throughout the body by working with the body’s organs to distribute vitamins E, C and B12, which help keep the skin smooth and young.

Commonly asked questions about water:


It’s usually advised that we drink at least 1 and half litres of water daily – about 8 glasses. However recent studies has found that we should think about increasing our water intake to around 2 -3 litres a day.


It’s most important to drink water after doing activities which result in water loss, such as exercising or sunbathing. Don’t forget that water is good not only for your insides but also for your external looks.


When cleansing our face or body the water should be lukewarm. Too hot and our skin will dry out, too cold will shut all the pores in the skin, making it incredibly hard to clean properly. At the right temperature the cleansing power of water is AMAZING.

You should really be drinking water at around body temperature. Too cold can cause trauma to your body – it will try to cool down the body too quickly, and too hot will cause the body to try to warm up too quickly which could result in sweating.

When cleaning hair, make sure that the water is lukewarm again. You don’t want the water too hot to clean hair as you will be damaging it. Afterall we should be using heat protection everyday as all forms of heat are damaging (artificial heat like radiators and the sun etc)


Drinking water first thing in the morning, as part of your morning routine, will help to eliminate a puffy or swollen face, including eyes. It also helps to rehydrate you, as over night you will naturally sweat and lose water – plus if you end up sleeping with your mouth open then your mouth will definitely need water!

As you can see water really is the most underestimated products that actually has the most benefits to using it! The best part? It’s completely FREE for you to use, and the benefits are endless.

Do you use water to its full potential, or have you been forgetting about how important water is like most of us?

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