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3 Most Common Mistakes With Skin Care

Our skin is our largest organ. 

It’s living and breathing and it protects your internal organs from the invasive and dangerous elements of life: viruses, bacteria, pollutants, and harsh weather, including the sun.

Many people don’t understand or fully appreciate the role that our skin plays on our overall health and well being. 

Most of us focus on the end result, which is how our skin looks, rather than the process of reaching and maintaining that appearance through healthy choices. 

This results in the most commonly made mistakes with skin care:

1. Not Looking after our bodies inside and out

By not maintaining a well-balanced diet of foods and liquids rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, and by poisoning your system with too many harmful substances such as an overabundance of alcohol or cigarettes, you harm your skin.

Too much alcohol can dehydrate your skin and cigarettes deprive it of the oxygen it requires. 

Supplement your diet with Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) like cod-liver oil or borage, flax & coconut if you’re vegan. 

And remember to drink plenty of water! 

Add a slice of orange or sprig of mint to spruce up your water drinking experience.

2. Neglecting your skin when it’s young:

The sun and the wind can damage your skin.

This damage might not show when you’re young, but just like your favourite leather coat, the wrinkles and cracking will show with age.

If you treat your leather coat with moisturizers when it’s new and continue treating it throughout the years, you can wear that jacket for a very long time without it showing its age.

The same goes for your skin.

Moisturize it before it shows signs of needing the moisture and it will stay healthier as it ages. 

Use a heavier cream at night to re-hydrate your skin & assist with repairing cellular degeneration.

3. Using skin care products that promise instant results:

Most skin products that are manufactured and full of ‘instant improvement’ guarantees are just full of chemicals and broken promises.

If you listen carefully most of their marketing campaigns state that they will give you healthy-looking skin, which is a far cry from having skin that’s healthy.

Use all-natural creams and cleansers when taking care of your skin.

Avoid ingredients like mineral oil, alcohol, lanolin & parabens (preservatives).

So in short, the three things we need to make sure we remember when it comes to looking after our skin is:

  1. Eat a healthy balanced diet and drink water
  2. Start a skincare routine when you’re young – the sooner the better
  3. Use natural products with realistic expectations

Did you make any of these mistakes?

Is there anything you could improve on?

Let me know in the comments below! xx

Much love

Emma xx

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How to Deal with Spot Prone Skin


We all get them. We all hate them.

But the question is how can we keep ourselves from getting them? If we can prevent ourselves from getting them, surely that means that we don’t have to deal with them?

What Causes Spots?

There are many things that can cause spots that we have to deal with everyday, such as:

  • Stress – Being stressed releases a hormone known as cortisol. This can trigger inflammation which results in spots and blemishes.
  • Pollution – pollution debris in the air can clog up your pores, which is why daily cleaning (twice a day) is incredibly important.
  • Using the wrong products – Not checking what skin type a product is for can lead to an imbalance of oils in your skin, leading to breakouts.
  • Diet – This is a well known fact, that the diet can effect your skin. For optimal skin, make sure to drink plenty of water and eat a varied diet preferably low in sugar.


The best and most simple way to prevent a breakout is to follow a simple and basic skincare routine. It doesn’t have to be anything special or expensive, just following a few simple steps with the right kind of products and there you have it.

  1. Using products like vitamin C will help as it contains antioxidants which fight off pollution.

I recommend a product like the Nip + Fab Vitamin C Fix Tonic

You simply wipe it over your face with a cotton pad and there you have it. It really couldn’t be any easier.

2. A moisturising cleanser is really good to give your skin that added boost such as “Simple Kind to Skin Moisturising Face Wash”, which adds extra moisture to your face whilst also gently cleaning.

3. Retinol is a really good way to reduce wrinkles and fine lines (and any other signs of ageing), however, these products should only be used every two to three days after your normal cleansing routine at night.

If used too much it can cause various reactions to your skin. I suggest a Retinol product like L’oreal Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle Cream for first time users of Retinol.

Or a Retinol Serum for someone who is more used to using it to reduce the chances of a reaction.

Exfoliating on the days you don’t use Retinol will help to remove dead skin cells and refresh your face.

4. A good moisturiser is a must for the end of your skincare routine, you want a good moisturiser which wont leave an oily residue after. I currently use the NO7 Essential Moisture Day Cream.

REMEMBER to use a sunscreen before applying makeup to protect your skin from UV.

5. Keep your skin hydrated. Keeping our skin hydrated from the inside as well as externally is really important, as this also makes sure that our skin is healthy. Drink plenty of water and you will soon see a change in your skin.

These are my tips for how to prevent Spots and Breakouts.

I hope that these tips help you out a little, if you have any other tried and tested ideas let me know!

Much love xx

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My Skincare Routine

See my Video on how I do it. x

Hello everyone, and a hearty how do you do. Today I thought I would break barriers and do something that I am not entirely comfortable with. And share my daily skincare routine with you all on the tube!

Lighting is terrible, and it was recorded on my phone as I couldn’t find my camera, but I hope it is ok. P.S. couldn’t really edit it either, as my computer is 10 years old and beginning to give up the ghost. Roll on Christmas!

Products used in this video are:

I use these products in the order I have placed them, and occasionally will also use a face mask, usually once a week. The face masks that I use are just the Soap and Glory clay mask, or the Neutrogena Black mask which is a peel off mask to remove your blackheads.

Finding the time to be able to look after my body and skin, is very important, and difficult. I usually cleans my face whilst my little one is playing in her bedroom (supposed to be getting ready for school), and then will put my makeup on when I get back from the school run, as she is usually in every piece of makeup if I do it when she is around.

The trick to making time to look after yourself, is to do it in short bursts which are easy to control. For example take 5 mins to wash your face, then go back to sorting out your little one. No one said the whole routine should be done in one go. My whole face care routine takes around 10 mins so I do it in 2 spurts, and this works well as there is usually something that mummy needs to sort out when she has a face full of product.

I hope that you enjoy my video, there will be plenty more to come. Please subscribe to my channel for instant updates on my new releases, and let me know what you think (or any tips on how to make my video better xx)

Much love to you all

Emma xx

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