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Fabletics Haul and Review

I recently did some shopping online.

Yes I know it’s not exactly news, as I am a self confessed shopaholic. However, I didn’t shop at one of my usual places, I went to a place I had never ever been to before, because I didn’t really like the idea of subscribing to something (with a fee) when you aren’t necessarily going to be shopping there a lot. Here is my Fabletics Haul and review for you.

Fabletics is a subscription online store, where you pay £49 as a subscription fee, which is kept on your account as credit to spend on the products in store.

One question I ask myself is

Is it worth it?

Honestly I don’t think I would pay the price every month for this service. You can’t really get a lot for the price, and I don’t like the fact you are forced to go to the website every month to opt out if you aren’t wanting to purchase anything.

Are the products good, and worth the money?

The products are good yes. But I wouldn’t say they are fantastic. The leggings roll down as you move, which becomes uncomfortable, and when washed the padding in the sports bras are folded over and not in the right places, there is no way for you to be able to remove the pads before washing.

The clothes are incredibly expensive. If I earnt a lot more than £8.50 an hour then I might say that they are worth the money but everything is around £30-£90 and that’s just for single items. Usually for active wear I don’t spend more than around £10-£20, for these I would say that £20-£30 would be more suitable, especially as they don’t really wash well.

Do you get quality for the price you pay?

The clothes are good, and they feel great on, but when washed I feel they let themselves down. The leggings end up with a sort of “penguin tail” once washed following all the instructions, and the sports bras end up with folded padding.

For the price you pay, I expect the labels to be smaller in the sports bras, and the leggings to wash well, as well as the padding to be sewn in so it doesn’t move.

DO you still get the good deals you get when you first sign up?

Absolutely not!

Every time I look on the website for something new or just for a browse you are only given everything at a “VIP” price which is just a discounted price for the products compared to if you hadn’t signed up. NEWSFLASH you will never be paying the full price for the products, that’s how the company works.

I would like to see the introductory offer of a % off the products, and the 2 for £24 on the leggings still available to returning customers. As I have said before I wouldn’t pay the price of the products unless they are discounted heavily as I personally don’t think the products are worth the money.

This is my experience of Fabletics, let me know if you have tried them out and what your experience was. Do you share the same opinions or different?

Comment below to let me know!

Much Love


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New Look Fashion Wish List

Feb 2021

Spring is just round the corner, and that means that fashion is changing in the shops right now! I am so excited by some of the finds that I have already found that I cannot wait to see what else is going to be coming out this spring season.

Springtime is the time of the year that I begin to start thinking about my summer fashion. You can use Spring clothing for all seasons, you just have to know how to accessorise and adapt your clothes to be suitable for the weather that you get.

When I look at clothing I always look for durability, something that is able to be worn across most of the year, and if it matches most of the colours in my wardrobe (meaning it can be worn with almost anything.)

Having a few colours in my wardrobe, and not really straying too far, means that I am not having to buy a whole outfit when one items life has ended, or when looking for something new to wear or purchase for a reason – for example a party.

Here are my top finds from New Look:

White Trainers

White Trainers are a staple in my wardrobe. They are so versatile that they can be worn with anything, and I mean anything.

I love to wear white trainers with a dress or skirt to make the outfit look a little more edgy, or simply paired with a pair of jeans, shorts or Palazo trousers for a more casual everyday style. I have not been without a good pair of white trainers for many years now.

The best thing to look out for in a white trainer is how washable they are, guaranteed they are going to get filthy very quickly so you need to be able to wash them with ease, or you will end up with dirty shoes which can ruin the look you are going for.

You can find these trainers at

Floral Shorts

Who doesn’t love a good pair of shorts in the warm weather?

When I saw these shorts I fell in love. These shorts are lose fitting so will flow and not stick to your skin in the hot weather, meaning that your lower half will be able to breathe. The material of these shorts is very thin to allow air flow as well.

I love a pair of patterned shorts as they make any outfit look super summery. Pair these with a body suit or vest top in black or white, and a pair of cute sandals or white trainers and your outfit will look absolutely amazing!

You can find these shorts here at

Floral Tea Dress

A cute little tea dress has long been something that I have kept in my wardrobe for the warmer weather. They pair really well with a nice pair of heels for occasions, flat sandals for a cute little outfit and you guessed it, white trainers for running around after a toddler!

This has got to be one of the essentials that I have in my wardrobe every year to complete my spring/summer outfits for the year. Unlike shorts, you can wear these dresses in the autumn/ winter, pairing them with a pair of ankle boots and tights to keep you warm on those colder damper days.

You can find this dress here at –

Pink High-waisted Jeans

I love a pair of Jeans, but having a toddler means that white jeans become rather impractical so when I saw these pale pink jeans I thought to myself I have to have a pair of these.

The colour of them means that they wont show all the dirt that you get covered in having a child, but that they look pretty enough to go with the summer tops and shirts that I have already.

Also as they are pink instead of white they can be used all through the year and adjusted as needed for the weather. Just looking at them in this picture I already have about 1000 ideas on how to put together an outfit with them. (That’s just given me an idea for one of my future posts!)

You can find these Jeans here at

Shape and Lift Denim Shorts

I LOVE a pair of shorts on a day out. When the warm weather is back and we go out for the day, I always don a pair of shorts and a simple T-Shirt. It is a simple and quick outfit to put together and super practical for chasing and playing with Isabelle in the parks.

Also 9 times out of 10 we end up going somewhere where we end up getting messy and dirty, and shorts are the best thing for that. Just like the jeans there are so many ways to wear shorts that it puts my creative spark in over drive.

These shorts are particularly great as they lift and shape your bottom making you look doubly as gorgeous as you already are. x If I don’t get anything else from this wish list I will definitely be getting these for the warmer weather.

You can find these shorts here at

Pink Check Tennis Skirt

I love a good skirt look. It’s like wearing a dress but the top half can change to anything you like anytime. Just like the picture you could pair this skirt with a pair of white trainers, or even a pair of boots on a wetter day.

A skirt is not just for summer and spring, but for all year round, just simply change up your tights, and top, add a jumper or cardigan and there you have it. A skirt is such a simple thing to accessorise and style when you have a bit of creativity, and I absolutely love a good skirt.

What drew me to this particular one, is that is has a really nice flow to it, the colours are really pretty and the style is just very, well, me.

You can find this skirt here at

Checked Pinafore Dress

A Pinafore dress is the quickest way to create an outfit for work, or to make a smart casual outfit for something you don’t really know how to dress for.

With this dress I will be able to wear it all year round, you can wear it as is, with no top underneath. Or you could wear it with a little T-Shirt or long sleeve top to make it a little different.

There are so many ways to wear this that I get really excited over all the possibilities that this dress holds.

A lot of people I know don’t really like dresses as they worry that once they have worn it once, they have exhausted the ways to wear it, but you could easily change this dress to make it different each time.

You can find this dress here at

So there you have it, my top finds from New Look and my current fashion wish list.

Will I get all of these items or will my wish list just remain as a wish? Well I guess we will have to wait and see x

Much love xx

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Asos Shopping Haul Feb 2021

I love a good shop, but I really struggled to find clothes that I liked this time. This has been happening more and more recently (like over the last year or so). I don’t know if it is because of the pandemic that there isn’t much being created, or whether it is that I am getting older and so my style is changing again.

However after hours of searching the internet. After all it’s not as if we can go to an actual shop at the moment. I finally managed to find a few items that I liked enough to purchase. I got the bulk of my items from ASOS however there is one dress for me and two for Isabelle which I also got from ASDA George, and I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

So here is what I got.

The first Item that I chose was a light grey Sweater Dress, it is fairly loose but very warm and has definitely become one of my new favourite items in my wardrobe.

The second item was a pink collared tea dress. This is a soft floating dress which sits really nicely in all the right places. What’s more I feel very feminine in this dress, and can see it being a really nice piece to wear in the summer.

The Third item was a little red cami style dress. It is very elegant and different to the “normal” types of dresses I would purchase. I actually like this one despite the face it’s very different to my normal style, and already I am pairing it with accessories and shoes to make great outfits.

The Fourth Item I got from ASOS was the green sweater jumper. I love the khaki colour and thought that it would be a great addition to my wardrobe. It has come up much bigger than the size it suggests it is, and I got a size smaller than my dress size. When I say much bigger, I mean like maybe 2 dress sizes bigger. Isabelle actually fits inside the dress with me LOL!

The last item that I got was a floral blue number from ASDA. This has a cross front which is very feminine and a tie waist to draw the attention to the smallest parts of your body. I love this dress and I love how it moves about with you. This is probably my second favourite item from my shopping haul.

So there you have it.

The items that I purchased, everyone different from the last, but just as wonderful.

You can also see my video where I try on and talk about the products in more depth.

Much love xx

DISCLAIMER: – I am part of an affiliate programme for ASOS, meaning that any items purchased from the links provided I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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What’s In My Handbag – Summer 2020

My handbag is not just a bag for me, but for my daughter as well. Wherever we go I have to make sure that I have everything that I could possibly need for our days out.

The contents of my bag change with the seasons and weather to make sure that I am always prepared for absolutely anything, and the more my daughter grows and changes the more her needs change and the things I need to bring with me change.

A mums handbag

So What’s in my bag?

I tipped my bag out to find out the answer to this question, and I had a really good laugh at seeing the things I had in my bag.

  • 2 Pairs of children’s knickers – my daughter is fully potty trained but we do still have the odd accident
  • 3 odd socks for my daughter – I don’t even know how they got there to be honest, or even why there isn’t a pair!
  • 1 pair of my daughter’s leggings – again in case of accidents. If she is wearing a dress it will be a clean dress and pair of tights if the weather is cool.
  • A couple of nappy sacks – for wet clothes in case of accident
  • Wipes – we always need a pack of wipes
  • Hand sanitiser – before Covid 19 this was for nappy changes and before we eat, now it is for literally everything.
  • Keys
  • Face mask – thankyou covid 19
  • Purse
  • A Pen – always handy to have a pen.
  • Packet of Rennie’s – you never know when your going to get indigestion or heart burn.
  • hundreds of receipts
  • Bottle of Water – for my little one mainly
  • Sun cream – well it is the middle of the summer
  • And hundreds of crumbs – I think I need to hoover my bag out haha!

So there you have it, the contents of a mum’s bag. We are out so much during the week that only the contents we use get swapped or changed, I will also add in snacks for us before we leave the house so my little one will never be hungry during an activity.

What’s in your handbag? Do you have any strange items hiding in the folds of the fabric, or in that secret pocket you forgot about?

Much Love xx

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About Me

Hello there!

My name is Emma and I am the owner of The Mum Diet Style.

I set out on a journey with my blog to share my easy recipes for families who are constantly on the go. But since then have decided to share my passion for fashion and beauty with the world to show mums that we can still be fashionable with little ones. Even if it is a big challenge.

I am a single mum who is passionate about everything she puts her mind to. My little girl constantly keeps me on my toes and these blogs are the perfect way for me to unwind in the evening.

I look forward to sharing with you my experiences with both food and fashion and hope you will become a frequent visitor.

Much love xx