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My Evening Cleaning Routine

Today I thought I would share with everyone what I do in the evenings once Isabelle has gone to bed. Having a routine for each part of your day, that tends to be repeated daily, helps for those parts of the day to go much smoother and quicker. Giving you more time for the things that are really important. Such as spending time with your family, or spending time on yourself, be it a bath or shower, or reading a book or even just having a bit of relaxing time.

This is a standard kind of routine that I do (although I usually do 1 load of washing a day, which I separate when the baskets are full, into 3 or 4 piles – so 1 pile a day) and then on the weekend I will do a bigger deeper clean as it is just me on my own whilst Isabelle is at her dads.

I actually don’t enjoy cleaning, so I do everything I can to make sure that there is less for me to do at any one time. This means cleaning and tidying as much as I can as I go along throughout the day, so that in the evening there is only a few things left for us to do. I also try to find short cuts where ever possible so that the jobs are made easier and quicker so I can out my energy and time into the things that really matter. Like spending my time with Isabelle and looking after my mental health.

Here’s What I Do In An Evening

Put The Washing On

Once Isabelle is asleep, the first thing I do is bring down any washing that needs to be done. This time I had a weeks worth of washing to sort through, but usually it will be just one of the layers I have created in the washing basket, to keep colours etc separate.

My Sections are:

  1. Hand Knitted, or Woollen Clothing
  2. Whites and pastels
  3. Coloured
  4. Blacks/ Darks (including red)
  5. Bulk items such as bedding and towels

I try to do all my washing within 2 days however sometimes it can take a bit longer depending on drying time for items, as we don’t have a tumble dryer and the weather in England is usually cold and wet some items of clothing can take a couple of days to dry (even when on a radiator!).

Fill and Empty Dishwasher

This is a given. To keep a tidy and clean kitchen, making sure all surfaces are empty is really important. I leave out the larger appliances and there are a few designated items that remain on the surfaces at all times (like my kettle, bread bin and toaster) as we don’t have a lot of storage in the kitchen.

I empty out the dishwasher of the clean items (it tends to go on twice a day), and then I will fill it up with the things we used for dinner. Sometimes there will be other things to put in as well, such as when we do baking.

Clean Surfaces

This sort of happens at the same time of me doing the dishwasher.

I will put all rubbish in the bin, and wipe down the surfaces with anti-bac and a damp cloth, followed by a clean towel to dry the surfaces.

Again, as I said above, a clean surface area makes the whole room seem much tidier and more put together.

Tackle the Living Room/ Playroom

This is the area in which I have to relax in the evening (without going to bed), so I will put all remaining toys away in their rightful places and tidy up any items which are not where they should be, like blankets and cushions.

This makes the living room have an instant “adult” feel to it, rather than the overwhelming feeling that it has been taken over by children. The cleaning of the living room will also include a quick hoover of the floor so that there are no crumbs being trodden and smeared into the carpet and rug, as there is nothing worse than standing on crumbs when you are bare foot (like we are in the morning).

Doing these simple things in the evening helps to get the house ready for the morning, and gives me a space to relax in before I go to bed. The time I have after before I go to bed is where I will either watch a bit of the television, read a book or magazine or edit and write my blog and vlog.

The evening I filmed this I was doing some editing and writing, before watching my new favourite TV show Bridgerton.

Let me know what your evening routines are like. Is there anything you do the same or different?

I love to hear from you all so please don’t be a stranger!

Much love


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A Day in the Life of Mum

Being mum can be a little bit monotonous sometimes. We have the same jobs to do, and we usually end up with the same results. Having children brings a lot of chaos, mess and energy. It often leads to a lot of laughter, and fun, but also you can end up with stress.

When having a child the first thing you have to remember is that YOU CANNOT CONTROL EVERYTHING. Even if you try to control something, more often than not that little monkey will have a plan of their own which scuppers anything you have already thoughtfully and lovingly planned out.

I used to plan almost every inch of my day out before having Belle, but after the first few months, despite the fact that I had kept to a routine I learnt that a routine is literally the ONLY thing I could control about my day. Children have no concept of time, they have no concept of how long something takes to do, or of the consequences of their actions. What looks and sounds great on paper is something that a child might not even understand of want to do.

So here is a small insight to a

“normal” day:

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6:30am – Chaos begins. Belles runs into my bedroom full of life and determined to have that morning cuddle in mummy’s bed before getting up and ready for the day. So in she gets and we have this wonderful sleepy cuddle as we slowly wake up. (by we I mean me.)

7am – Time for us to get dressed, do our teeth and brush our hair (basically just get ready for the day.) I let Belle choose her clothes for the day for when she finishes school and then we migrate downstairs.

7:30 – 8am – Breakfast time, usually a bowl of cereal and a slice of toast for my little one (and if still hungry a banana). For me a cup of tea and slice of toast.

8-8:30am – a couple of cartoons as I clean the kitchen ready for the rest of the day, and then its coats and shoes on, and then we’re off to school.

9am – a little more cleaning of the rest of the house, then a nice sit down with a cup of tea and watching some news. I will also have a shower, do my hair/makeup, so I feel like myself. This is the only time of the day I get to myself so here I like to relax.

11:30am – leave to go and collect Belles from nursery.

Midday – Lunch and a wind down from school for half an hour.

12:30pm – time for some afternoon activities. Anything from baking, lego/duplo, dolls house, arts and crafts. Just whatever I feel like doing for the day with Belle. Occasionally it will be us leaving the house for the day to visit friends or family members, which stops us both from going stir crazy.

During this whole period my house will be destroyed. It will look like a tornado has hit, or like I haven’t even bothered with the house for the last week. It bothers me yes, but as long as Belle is having fun that is what matters.

5:00pm – Dinner time. I start this around 4/4:30pm and then always aim to sit down for dinner at around 5pm. The timings are approximate but the goal is there.

From there on it is our bedtime routine, which consists of a bath which lasts about half an hour. 3 books to read together, and then a song before going to sleep. Once Belle has gone to bed that is when I tidy up any left over toys from the day, clean the kitchen once more, and settle down to write my blog.

My Time with Belle

I love the time I get with Belles and I try to cherish every moment I get. She goes to her dads 3 nights of the week due to my job and the mum guilt I feel is so strong that I feel bad for wasting a day with her. My ultimate goal every day is to have a lot of laughter and things to do so we can have quality time together. Even when we have a movie day and sit in front of the TV I try to make it as special as I can, Popcorn, blankets, and a few little games that we can do.

What I want you all to realise is that no matter how much you want that clean and tidy house, for a child a clean and tidy house is torture. Let them mix their toys up, it encourages their imagination. Let them empty the entire contents of a toy box or drawer – how will they learn about anything if they always have to think about being tidy.

I do have rules in my house, and one of those rules are that if she wants to play with something new and stop playing COMPLETELY with the toys she already has out, then the current toys have to be put away first. However if she was playing with her dolls house and decided that her Lego people wanted to move next door and interact with her dolls house, then GO FOR IT BABY! I love to see a child play properly using their imagination and working out how things can fit together.

The time we get with our little ones is so short that we can’t worry about the mess that they bring, and the state of the playroom/ living room/ bedroom. We should be focusing on them and how their little brains work, encouraging them to do more, and being there for them to help them become the person they are inside.

My role of mum is the most important role that I will ever have. What I decide to do with my little girl shapes her future. I read with her as much as she wants me to, and I join in with her when she is playing. I use arts and crafts and baking to break up monotonous activities, such as TV. I want her mind to be stimulated so she constantly learns.

This is how I run my house. It is definitely going to be different from everyone else, but also similar in some aspects. We are all different and every child is different aswell. Only you as the parent will know what stimulates your children the most, and your daily routines will echo this.

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Much Love