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Fashion and style are 2 different things. Fashion is the trends which are currently in circulation, and style is the way you wear the trends. It’s more personal, what you like/ dislike and what suits you best, but importantly it is about showing who you are through what you wear. You do not have to be fashionable to be stylish, you just need to wear your style with pride.

I will be honest with you.

I don’t really like the trends that are currently circulating around in the fashion world at the moment. There are quite a few pieces that have recently been released that I literally question.

For example this dress from Missguided is just weird.

I mean I don’t really get why you would wear something that is basically 2 items in one, (but not the jumper with the shirt collar way, as in literally 2 shirts bashed together) did the seamstress run out of material or something?!

This look is not for me, and there are plenty more items in the fashion world right now that I really just “don’t get”.

Maybe it’s that I’m getting old, or perhaps it’s that I’ve fallen out with fashion since having Isabelle. Either way, I don’t really like some of the current trends at the moment.

What’s a style?

There are hundreds of types of style in the fashion world, defined and categorised by the kind of looks we tend to go for.

Here are just a few different types:


This style tends to include flowy items made of natural materials. The Bohemian look tends to use natural and earthy colours. It’s basically all about being natural and close to nature.


A vintage style tends to be clothing that replicates that of another era. For example one of my favourite youtubers lives in vintage clothing (@JasmineChiswell) and she look absolutely amazing. She is able to purchase modern day clothing and turn it into a replica of something from the 50’s.

On Trend

This style is constantly evolving. Keeping up with the current fashions and wearing only what is recent and up-to-date. This kind of style is not the most economic as falls into the category of “fast fashion” meaning you are changing your wardrobe every time a new season hits.

Feminine and Tom Boy

These two looks are the opposite of each other. A feminine look is all about the bouncy, flowy clothes, usually a lot of dresses and pastels. Whereas the TomBoy look is more about gender neutral clothes that are less “feminine” and more loose fitting, usually with bold colours.


This attire is usually that of sports wear as everyday wear. Think gym wear on the school run, or Jogging bottoms all year round. The sporty style is very much about constantly being ready for sports, but rocking that look.

These are just a few of the different styles that are out there. There are so many different style categories for us all to explore. I love trying to mix up my look from time to time, and sometimes something from that style category will stick in my day-to-day wear.

What’s my Style?

MY style is probably a mix of the Trendy and Feminine. I love to keep up with fashion (when I like what there is), but I love to wear pastels but I also love the colours most associated with the Bohemian style. It is very rare that you won’t see me in a dress or jumpsuit in the summer months, and if you do see me in something else you can guarantee there will be something else that fits the “feminine” style.

No one is just one kind of style. While you may find that your style fits a few categories, you may find that you actually sway more to one or the other. That is absolutely fine.

Whatever your style is remember that you look amazing!!

Much love



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