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Organisation Tips for a Successful Blog

Having a successful blog is not something I initially set out for. I just wanted a space where I could write what was in my mind without having an actual end product (such as a book), but instead where I could write the little snippets of my daily life that I am thinking, when I am thinking it.

Believe me there is a lot, but I choose what I release and what I keep behind.

This blog has been a bit of a diary for me. HOWEVER, when I noticed that my posts were reaching you (my readers who I love dearly), I realised that I could work on my blog and make it successful. It doesn’t make me money, but that’s not my ultimate goal at the moment, a long time dream yes, but not an immediate goal. However using the planning schedule I set out for you below, I have really noticed an increase in growth and development in both my blog and my videos on youtube (my vlog). So as I am still learning, but seeing that I am doing something right, I thought I would share with you all how I do it, and what I do.

Plan, Plan, and Plan Again

Planning is absolutely a must to have a successful blog or vlog. I have learnt this the hard way. At first I was just randomly posting to my blog and very rarely posting on my video channel.

Everyone on social media platforms, with free blogging workshops, youtubers who tell you what they did to grow etc. all said that planning was a must for a successful blog and vlog. But still I didn’t listen.

I thought I knew best.

I really didn’t.

Once I started to plan my content I realised a big difference in my analytics, and I got excited. I love making lists so I got to work and made my lists into a doable plan of action for my brand. And I definitely noticed results. People were starting to view my channel, and readers were coming to my blog. (Like I said I am not monetised, and won’t be for quite a while, my goal is for that to come next year some time.)

Organisation is KEY

Now you have a plan of action, the key is to organise it. Think about what is achievable on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, and make sure you set yourself a goal that is achievable and not too ambitious.

I started out doing far too much and overwhelming myself with what I was doing.

And I kinda still am. I aim to post daily on both platforms, which means a lot of editing and writing nearly everyday.

How do I manage?

My weekly plan is usually to film enough content for a week in just 2 days. This means that I then don’t have to film content any other day of the week (unless I want to do a day in the life, or routine video), meaning that I can then block out a section of a day (like when Isabelle is at school), or use the evening for editing and uploading my videos and writing up my blogs.

At the moment my blogs take a back burner due to the fact that my computer struggles with my video editor so on the 3 days I am not doing anything for my videos I focus ONE day on my blog. Typing up my segments for the week, scheduling their release and linking them up with my future videos.

Love what you do!

This is probably the most important thing of all time!

If you don’t love what you do, it will feel like a chore. If it feels like a chore, you will start to resent having to do the task that is in front of you.

I absolutely love to write, and talk so when I film I am filming about something I love at that moment, and I write about it too, so that my writing compliments what I am filming.

I have said it before (I think on one of my intro videos actually) I write better than I talk, however sometimes I get so tongue-tied when writing that I need to talk to explain myself better. Does that make sense?

Use All The Tools You Need

Following on from my last point, A video is probably the best way to explain what I mean. As stated in the video a copy of my blog planner in PDF form is attached at the bottom for you to see and use at your own leisure. I just find it so helpful having everything in one place, that way you know EXACTLY what you are doing on any given day.

Research SEO and use it to your best ability.

This comes with a lot of research and practise to get this right. At first I really struggled with what this is (and sometimes still do struggle with how to get the best search engine results), but basically there are certain things that you can do to make sure you are found easier by potential viewers and readers.

With this I also utilise tags. There is a difference between hashtags and tags. A hashtag is something that people use on certain social media platforms to place their post on a page dedicated to that tag e.g #blogging. Whereas a tag is something that other people might put into a search engine to find your post.

Since doing a lot of research on tagging a blog post (and I mean a lot, about 10 hours or so I would say), I have found that the absolute best tools for tagging and getting those key words into your products is to use TUBEBUDDY or VIDIQ if you are on Youtube. I am still finding a good resource for my blog. But once I find one I will post it on here for you all.

That is about everything that I do to have a successful blog.

If you think I may have missed something out (I’m sure there’s something) then don’t hesitate to comment below or message me.

See you all next time!

Much love xx


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