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My Grocery Haul

30th Jan 2021

Today was shopping day. I usually hate going shopping on a weekend but it was needed, as I literally ran out of money last month so hadn’t been able to do a proper food shop.

I had my list with me, and I made sure to follow it to the letter. My budget of £45 (including some cleaning products) was well within my sights with my list, meal plan and the fact that I was shopping at Aldi. I literally was on a roll. I hate shopping at the moment due to the pandemic. You can’t go with someone else, to keep you company, and if you go with your child you get people looking at you like you are doing something terrible.

Yes! I could do an online shop, but having done this before, you end up waiting around for your delivery, and they always turn up at the last minute. And you also have no guarantee on whether the produce you receive are the freshest they could be. Instead I travel to the shops, get in and out as quick as I can, and pray that I haven’t forgotten anything. Or that my eye isn’t turned by something I do not need, no matter how much I tell myself I need it.

This is what I got

There you have it, my grocery haul for a Saturday afternoon. If I wasn’t working in the morning it would have been a morning haul, but this is the things I got to last us a week for food.

This is a typical weekly haul, and the only things that change really are the evening meal ingredients, which depends on what I have planned for the week.

I hope that you enjoyed this article, and the video.

Let me know if there was anything that you also get weekly, or that you forget. We’re all human, and we all tend to experience the same things, it makes us all feel better when we realise that we are all so similar to each other.

Much Love xx


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