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Monday 17th May…. We can meet up with friends and family indoors.

Good Morning my loves!

Today rules are changing in regards to Covid19. The problem is many of us believe that the changes are not going to be for the best. Pubs are now open (almost) properly, restaurants are open again (but remember last time?! We got in trouble for going to them). We can go and see our family and friends again, yet many of us needed that a long time ago.

This lockdown has been incredibly hard on our mental health, and family and friends are a sure fire way to help us out. The problem is that we weren’t allowed to go and see anyone. And so our mental health declined. BIG TIME.

As you may be able to tell, I have kind of lost my mind a little. I live with my best friend and my daughter and it has been tough. I sometimes feel as if we have no choice on how to live our lives.

WE are not living, we are surviving.

I have noticed how incredibly selfish this country is, thanks to the lock down. Witnessing people not following the guidance from the government (lets face it. It is guidance not law, I don’t know anyone who has been prosecuted for not following the “rules” set in place.) Panic buying was a thing that resulted in hundreds being without food and other essentials, whilst those who purchased hundreds of pounds worth of products they did not need were chucking it all in the bin!

This country has gone to s*** and no one seems to actually care.

No one actually knows what things are deemed as essential anymore, could you buy clothes in the lockdown?! I know I couldn’t. And as a result highstreet shopping has come to an end. How are we supposed to shop now? How are we supposed to know what fits, and looks nice on us now? Yeah, I think there is something more than just a “pandemic” going on, I think this has been orchestrated by someone who “owns” the earth to take back control of a society that is ever increasing on its personality and strength as a unity. There is no unity now, and no one has a voice anymore.

It has even been discussed that we might not be able to do anything unless we have a “vaccination passport”!! Guys you know that is against basic human rights yeah?! If you HAVE to have something regardless of how you feel you HAVE NO HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!! The vaccination should be a choice not a necessity and I stand my ground in this as I should be able to choose what I do to my body, and not be FORCED to do something I DON’T WANT TO DO!!!!!

YES! This post has literally no story, or angle. This is just a rant. But I just wanted to get some things of my chest, and writing down all the things I think just seems to help.

Apologies for any offense that I may have caused in my little rant.

Please forgive me!

Much love

Emma Lou xx


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