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It’s Christmas!!

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Its that time of year again.

Many people I know hate it, and many others love it.

I am definitely a lover when it comes to Christmas. My decorations are up as early as I can, and the preparation begins from that moment on. We do all kinds of things from baking, card making, and creating our own decorations to add to the tree, after all our tree is never finished in this house. Writing Christmas cards, and wrapping presents, there is nothing about this season that I do not love. The gaudy cheesey films which plague the television will already be playing in my house. The songs will be ringing in our ears for just over a month. Even remembering what this time of year is all about is something that I absolutely love! And enjoying and cherishing every moment we spend with family and friends.


This year more than any other year we need to make sure that we do not forget those who have been stuck on their own, for pretty much the entirety of 2020. Reaching out to our elderly neighbours, and helping those who are struggling the most. That’s why I am making my presents this year. It’s cheaper and they mean more to the people I give them too as I put some effort into making them.

I have always wanted to make presents for Christmas as there is something a bit more personal in making something specially for someone, rather than buying the commercial products that plaster our shops at this time of year. In fact, I have been trying for the last 3 years to make my mum a knitted or crocheted jumper or cardigan, but I just can’t find the time with juggling a part time job, and being a mum (and now my blog) to finish a project. I think I actually have about 3 jumpers or cardigans started and waiting to be finished. They will probably make their way to mum at some point over the next couple of years (as long as I don’t start any more!!!)

Christmas is done big in my house, and I hope that as she grows my little one enjoys and loves christmas as much as I do. Follow me to see my christmas adventure and how we prepare for the big man to visit and deliver his presents #santa.

Over the next week I will be looking at the best and worst things about christmas, from christmas trees to food, to presents for adults and children; but also show you all our preparations to make the night day as magic as possible. I cant wait to share it all with you!

Much love and Merry Christmas!



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