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Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to my small part of the web. My name is Emma and I am a full time single mummy, who loves to write and do all things crafty.


When I was made single, I realised that money was going to be tight and a lot of things were going to be different. Much different.

We fell in love when we were just 14years old, and as we grew into the adults we are today, we grew apart. It took me a long time to realise that while my values in life remained the same (family first, work last) his values had changed. He became obsessed with being the “perfect man” who “can provide for his family.” I wasn’t allowed to earn more than him, he HAD to be the one who earnt more. He became obsessed with work, even down to leaving me on my own to go to France for a week or 2, with 6 weeks to go before I gave birth.

What’s even worse is that he couldn’t even see why that was a problem.

Then when my little one was born I had this immense pressure on me to go back to work. Money was running out, and he realised that he wasn’t going to be able to solely keep the family a float. I went back to work and that’s when we broke down completely.

We hadn’t been in a great place for a few years. And were very good at hiding it. But it was starting to get to me, and I was suffering with postnatal depression and anxiety, which didn’t help the situation.

I realised I just didn’t love this work zombie of a man that I was with anymore. He never wanted to speak to me. He would just sit on his phone or watching TV and not even acknowledge that I am there. I couldn’t cope with the rejection and the lack of a relationship which we had. And when it was my birthday and he wouldn’t even have the time off of work I walked.

In just one act he showed me he wasn’t there for me. In just one act he reassured me that things were never going to change. We just weren’t compatible anymore. I told him it was the only thing I wanted for my birthday. For him to be home with me and our daughter, and instead I was greeted with a day just like any other. Me and my daughter, and a day full of chores.

I know you give things up when you become a mum. It’s part of life. But giving up your birthday seems a bit extreme to me.

Moving Forward

Anyway. Here I am now. Many an argument later, single and much happier than I have ever been. Feeling more like me. Everyone has commented and I seem to have my glow back. Yes, I have lost out on my teenage years, but that doesn’t bother me.

I decided during this #Lockdown that I had had enough of my job. Working in retail you don’t get rewarded or applauded for your efforts at keeping the nation fed. Instead you get spat at, shouted at and called all names under the sun, just for doing your job. Enough is Enough!!!

So one evening I was sat with my little girl beside me after having made our Ice Cream together, and decided that I was going to share my recipes with EVERYONE! and so The Mum Diet was born.

I quickly realised that people were enjoying my recipes and I was enjoying cooking again. (It gets a little boring cooking for one and a half every night). So I thought I would try another Niche, on a separate site, with the same branding. Fashion and Beauty have always been a passion for me. And so The Mum Style was born.

After having both these blogs doing really well, having a great following on social media, I realised that they just simply weren’t bringing in any money, to help me to escape from the world of retail. So then I decided that instead of writing with an intent to earn money, I would just write a kind of diary, about my day to day life with my baby girl. (Don’t worry the other 2 websites are still being updated weekly too, as I said I LOVE WRITING!)

And so here we are. A fresh blog, a fresh start, and a fresh idea.

Let’s make something GREAT together xx


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