Finding work as a single mum

Us mums have a really tough time when it comes to searching for work. We are punished by most companies as we cannot do the long hours expected of others, we cannot work where we disappear for a day or two in the hunt for clients or to please clients. We have to be close to home and available for our little cherubs.

Working as a single mum

Which means that job hunting is more like a hunt for a job which is part time and good pay. Jobs that either don’t exist, or are incredibly hard to come by and competitive.

What other bloggers say….

I’ve been job hunting for the last 2 months, and unless it’s shop work or home working scammers, there isn’t really much out there at all.

I have been in an incredibly desperate place searching for a job which is during term time, and doing something I enjoy. And I am still yet to find it.

During my searches I find hundreds of blog posts telling you all the things that you can do as a mum, which allow you to still spend time with your children and potentially work from home – all advised from bloggers earning hundreds a month from their huge list of followers.

It’s just not viable.

I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I’ve made the grand total of 90p. While yes I am sure you can make money working on a blog, and growing your social media following, the reality is that you have no financial security for your future, just the present.

We are often told that you can earn money by answering surveys on sites such as “swag bucks” or “click-bank”. But these are just con sites made to get your details and sell on to third parties without your permission. Believe me. I’ve tried.

The other one the bloggers tend to tell you to do is to open your own online store. Whether this is a drop-shipping store, an Amazon FBA store, or a home made crafts store. This is a good idea in theory but there is always a start up cost which just isn’t great if you are a single mum with barely any money in need of a job.


The jobs suggested by those who earn hundreds a month through their computers are more a dream than a reality. I’ve tried everyone of their suggestions and still I’ve made nothing.

So what can I do?

The simple matter of fact is that when you are a single mum looking for work there are only really a few options that you have.

  • Retail work
  • Waitressing
  • Cleaning
  • School work
  • Nursery worker

These are all jobs which allow for part time hours or school hour working. Meaning that you can work while the little ones are at school and not have to worry about childcare.

In reality there really isn’t much out there for a single parent to do. We are left stuck on benefits barely scraping by as we are punished by society for being parents.

Maternity leave is 9months but free childcare is from 2 years old. How are mums expected to go back to work if they have to pay out minimum wage to someone else to look after their child when they barely make minimum wage in the first place.

One thing I have learnt since being a mum (and then a single mum) is that the world in INCREDIBLE CORRUPT!

While everyone preaches about gender equality and such, no one looks at how incredibly judgmental the world is about mums, and how they are punished for either being a stay at home mum, or a working mum.

I’m stressed and scared as I quit my job last week. I am worried about what the impact will be on my daughter and our finances. I’m looking after my mental health. But I am being punished for it. I am suited to so many different jobs out there, but because I can’t do the long hours of 8am to 5pm I am by passed all the time by the prospective employers.

Have you had struggles in searching for jobs?

Are you a single mum like me, and do you work? Let me know in the comments below.

Much love xx

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