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Finding Beauty

Beauty is not just physical, and it goes beyond makeup. Feeling beautiful is different from looking beautiful. Putting on a dress, and some makeup, maybe even doing my hair can make me feel beautiful, but for all I know my look could be completely wrong – orange foundation, bright pink blusher, hair a complete mess and in a style I do not suit, let alone the dress!

Beauty for me comes from within, we have to be beautiful as a person before we can even begin to look beautiful on the outside. I guess the saying goes, “wear your heart on your sleeve”, in other words show who you are inside, on the outside.

Here are 10 things I live by to find the beauty around me and feel my most beautiful self.


A smile will brighten your day and others around you will feel your energy. I often get complimented on my smile when I am at work as customers say that a smile behind the counters helps them to feel good for the rest of the day. It gives out good vibes and helps others to feel good.

And YES! even if a customer is moody and grumpy and out for a fight #KAREN I still smile and keep my good vibes. (perhaps a few remarks back at them, but they don’t get me down)


Cats know that total body stretching does wonders. Follow their example and roll up slowly out of bed and stretch gently. A good stretch really helps to relax your body, and give you a sense of release, even if momentarily.

Whenever I feel stressed I stretch to help me relax a little and feel more myself. Plus I always feel a little brighter (as in bright faced and “fresh?” ) after a really good stretch.


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At least 20 mins of any continuous activity will boost your energy level and reduce bad stressors. Any kind of movement will do, even dancing around the kitchen while cooking dinner!

Exercising in the morning helps to wake you up, and get you ready for anything the day will bring. Even if it is yoga poses (stretching) doing some mild exercise does absolute wonders for you. What’s more it somehow helps with keeping your skin looking healthy, meaning that you look absolutely devine!

Drink water

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No other liquid is quite like it.

Water clears out your system and removes all bad toxins. Aim for around 8 glasses a day, as recommended by scientists and doctors (all over the internet) and your skin will radiate.

Also drinking plenty of water helps to reduce any bloating you have, and I have proof! (See my post coming out at the beginning of May for more information) I ended up being so bloated that passers by thought that I was around 6 months pregnant!! I was absolutely shocked! Then I upped my water intake and the bloating almost disappeared completely!


You need to take breaks during the day, no one is able to be on the go all day, it’s just impossible and super tiring. Take breaks away from your work space to keep fresh and focused, I like to go outside and get some fresh air as well when I have a break from work. When at home I take a break by just sitting down and making sure I drink my cup of tea, or read a chapter of my book, or do some crafting.

Make sure you are getting sufficient sleep at night since your body regenerates while you are sleeping. If you are constantly letting your mind wander, make a conscious decision to put away thoughts till morning. It is amazing how good your subconscious mind listens to your conscious mind (so be careful what you tell yourself). We should all be aiming for around 7-8 hours sleep a night, and that’s all at once, not in short bursts.

Do good

When you do something for someone else without expecting anything in return you benefit in ways unimaginable. (the key is don’t expect anything in return!)


Swap junk food for food that will enrich your body and soul. Start with a simple plan of exchange. Remember healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s just about finding the right places and knowing a good deal when you see one. Try out your local farm shops as you will be surprised by what bargains you can find.

“Stop and smell the roses”

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Look for good in everything. This is a toughie because most of us are “trained” to look for faults, errors, shortcomings, defects, etc. Begin with yourself. List all your assets (not just physical). Then realize all the good in being you. Move on to other things around you. Work on this consciously every day till it becomes a habit. There is something good about everything and everyone. Once you realize this you will be finding good everywhere without even trying.


Learn something new every day. Pick up a book, or search online. Learn to do something you have always wanted to do. You can even start for free by researching online. Search the subject and start stimulating and enriching your mind today.

Reward yourself

Set financial and personal goals and tag them with rewards for accomplishing them. (this one may be something special you have always wanted to do. and not necessarily a purchase) But if you have done all the above maybe go ahead and splurge a little. You deserve it!

Which ones of these do you do? Is there anything else that you do that helps you find beauty?

Let me know in the comment below, and don’t forget to check out my Youtube channel for more information on any of my posts!

Much Love

Emma Louise xx


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