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3 Most Common Mistakes With Skin Care

Our skin is our largest organ. 

It’s living and breathing and it protects your internal organs from the invasive and dangerous elements of life: viruses, bacteria, pollutants, and harsh weather, including the sun.

Many people don’t understand or fully appreciate the role that our skin plays on our overall health and well being. 

Most of us focus on the end result, which is how our skin looks, rather than the process of reaching and maintaining that appearance through healthy choices. 

This results in the most commonly made mistakes with skin care:

1. Not Looking after our bodies inside and out

By not maintaining a well-balanced diet of foods and liquids rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, and by poisoning your system with too many harmful substances such as an overabundance of alcohol or cigarettes, you harm your skin.

Too much alcohol can dehydrate your skin and cigarettes deprive it of the oxygen it requires. 

Supplement your diet with Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) like cod-liver oil or borage, flax & coconut if you’re vegan. 

And remember to drink plenty of water! 

Add a slice of orange or sprig of mint to spruce up your water drinking experience.

2. Neglecting your skin when it’s young:

The sun and the wind can damage your skin.

This damage might not show when you’re young, but just like your favourite leather coat, the wrinkles and cracking will show with age.

If you treat your leather coat with moisturizers when it’s new and continue treating it throughout the years, you can wear that jacket for a very long time without it showing its age.

The same goes for your skin.

Moisturize it before it shows signs of needing the moisture and it will stay healthier as it ages. 

Use a heavier cream at night to re-hydrate your skin & assist with repairing cellular degeneration.

3. Using skin care products that promise instant results:

Most skin products that are manufactured and full of ‘instant improvement’ guarantees are just full of chemicals and broken promises.

If you listen carefully most of their marketing campaigns state that they will give you healthy-looking skin, which is a far cry from having skin that’s healthy.

Use all-natural creams and cleansers when taking care of your skin.

Avoid ingredients like mineral oil, alcohol, lanolin & parabens (preservatives).

So in short, the three things we need to make sure we remember when it comes to looking after our skin is:

  1. Eat a healthy balanced diet and drink water
  2. Start a skincare routine when you’re young – the sooner the better
  3. Use natural products with realistic expectations

Did you make any of these mistakes?

Is there anything you could improve on?

Let me know in the comments below! xx

Much love

Emma xx

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3 Simple Ways to Wear Long Hair

The long hair style is hot, which is why many women prefer to have lengthy, free-flowing locks rather than the popular short styles of the day. But long hair can also become boring. In fact, boredom is the number one reason why women get tired of their long hair style and choose to try a different, shorter style. (Like ME!)

The truth is, though, that there are never-ending options when it comes to styling long hair. You just have to know when and how to change it up a bit to keep your long hair style looking fresh, stylish and up-to-date. Yes, it may take a little practice in the beginning, but in no time you will be able to quickly turn out exciting new looks with a few simple tricks.

All you need is 3 simple ways to wear your hair!

Straight and sleek long hair style

A good ceramic straightening iron can help you achieve sleek, silky and shiny tresses in just a few minutes..

The trick to achieving sleek long hair is in the tools and products that you use.

What you need is a high-quality ceramic iron, a shine product and finishing spray.

Simply apply the shine product to your dry long hair and smoothly run the flat iron through your hair from the roots to the tips using about ½” sections.

The ceramic iron will infuse moisture and shine into your long hair style leaving you with healthy, shiny locks that will be the envy of everyone you meet.

Finish off your long hair style with a little bit of finishing spray, and you’re beautifully prepared to face your day.

You can style your long straight hair in any way you like. Keep an eye out on my instagram account for my “how to’s” on various different straight hair styles.

Textured and curly long hair style

If your long hair already has some curl or wave, you can accomplish this style with very little effort.

All you need to do is use a little gel and scrunch your curl into place with a diffuser blow dryer.

Once you do that, simply spritz your long hair style with an extra hold styling spritz.

If you have been blessed with poker straight hair, you can achieve the same look with tools, such as rollers/ curling tongs/ curling wands or even a hair straightener.

The trick to making this long hair style look natural is in the products that you use and how you use them.

Be sure to use a good quality spritz and finishing spray.

Use the finishing spray to spray your long hair before and after you roll it, and use the spritz to add shine and finish your style.

By applying spritz to your long hair style and gently running your fingers through the curled locks, you can achieve a natural look with a lot of shine.

My Favourite product is : Umberto Giannini Mess Up Dry Texturising Spray

Updos and long hair style

An easy way to change your long hair style is to wear it up.

And I’m not talking about a simple ponytail here girls.

This may take a little creativity, but with a little practice you can have your long hair style swept up into an exotic style that only takes a few seconds to achieve.

French twists are always a classic as are bun variations and pulled-through pony tails.

Again check out my Instagram in the next coming months to see some of my updo’s for medium length hair (I’m trying to get long hair again, it just takes time haha x)


Another fun way to make ANY hairstyle different is to accessorize! Adding in a scrunchy, a headscarf, a hat, or even gems and jewels gives any hairstyle a MUCH different look and feel.

Have a little play around with all kinds of hairstyles and keep posted as I will be putting up my top 20 hairstyles within the next month.

Now that you have a few different ideas on how to change your long hair style, it’s time for you to practice. Good luck. And remember that the long hair style never needs to be boring or predictable when you have all of these options.

Much love

Emma xxx

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Organic Shampoo

Going Organic is all the rage at the moment. With Vegan movements on the rise and a generation caring more for the well-being of the planet we are starting to see many products arising which are nature based and organic.

Organic shampoos are really easy to come by, as they are super popular at the moment.They offer immediate tangible benefits and really help you see the benefits of switching to a more organic lifestyle. It’s fun and easy, and it’s a great learning experience.

Why Use Organic Shampoo?

The big benefit of an organic shampoo is that it is much kinder to your hair, your skin and your overall health.

While you might not realise it, many of the unnatural shampoo and hair products you buy in stores will actually being doing more harm to your hair health than good!

This is due to a number of factors.

Many synthetic, chemical-based shampoos will use much too astringent ingredients. These are designed to help remove the bacteria that can otherwise smell, while also helping to eliminate grease.

The downside of that though is that they’re often just too efficient. – I know right! Surely if it’s too efficient it will be doing me a world of good? NOPE!

They can end up completely stripping the hair of all its natural moisture, which leaves it looking dry, coarse and more prone to splitting.

This makes your hair instantly appear a lot less healthy and the more you wash it, the worse it becomes! What’s more, is that these ingredients can also end up stripping the skin of its natural moisture too which can also lead to flaky itchy scalps.

Likewise, you’ll also be rubbing your hands and your face with the shampoos, which means that they can also affect other parts of your skin – possibly even leading to acne and other blemishes!

So what can you do instead?


Or if you can’t afford to buy organic (because lets face it organic products often come with a hefty price tag) why not make your own? It is really quite simple.

How to Make Your Own Organic Hair Shampoo

There are plenty of different ingredients and recipes you can use, each of which uses different natural ingredients to help you avoid chemicals and really support the natural health of your hair and scalp.

One that I have tried so far uses the following ingredients:

• Coconut milk
• Liquid castile soap – such as this Castile Liquid Soap Base 1 Litre
• Essential oils (peppermint, lavender, rosemary and orange
are all good)
• For dry hair, add a little almond oil

All you do is combine all the ingredients in an old shampoo bottle or jar. Shake well to mix and then keep in the shower for up to a month. Shake before each use and use about a teaspoon each
time you wash your hair.

While the coconut milk will moisturise your hair, the soap will kill off any bacteria and cleanse your scalp and the essential oils will help to provide a pleasant smell.

Use about ¼ cup of coconut milk, ¼ cup of soap and 20 drops for your essential oils.

That’s all there is to it! It really is that simple and you can play around with so many different ingredients to get the shampoo which is just right for you.

Let me know how you get on with your shampoo creating, and any organic products that perhaps you use, or want to know more about.

Much Love xx

DISCLAIMER – The link above for Castile Liquid Soap is an affiliate link, which means that I receive a small commission for any products purchased through this link at NO extra cost to you.

Thanks for your support.

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The Ultimate Anti Aging Guide!

No one wants to get older but unfortunately, until they discover an elixir of youth, it’s fairly unavoidable.

But just because you have to get older, no one said you had to do it quickly. And no one said you couldn’t age well and keep your youthful good looks, energy and health!

Many of us make the assumption that getting old automatically has to mean getting covered in wrinkles, losing our ability to walk around and eventually developing incontinence and dementia.

As it happens though, none of these things are inevitable and most of them are only partially related to age!

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How to Combat Baggy Eyes

Skin under your eyes is 10x thinner than the rest of your skin, making it more prone to swelling and discolouration.

What Causes Baggy Eyes?

All kinds of things such as:

  • Allergies – Allergies and Hayfever can cause bags under the eye as they are left under a lot of stress with the side effects and symptoms of the allergy.
  • Stress – Stress effects us in many different ways, it can cause us to lose sleep and focus on things which we think are important forgetting about other, more important, things.
  • Tiredness – Not getting enough sleep can lead to dark circles and bags under the eye.
  • Genetics – Yes. Unfortunately some of us have genetics which tells our eyes to be baggy. However there are plenty of preventative methods you can use to keep the bags at bay.
  • Age – The older we get the more susceptible we are to getting bags under our eyes.

How to Fix the Issue

Get your sleep!

Sleep is incredibly important for our health. Yet it can leave us with bags under the eyes when we immediately wake up. This is due to the congestion build up which occurs over night. To remedy this try raising your head up with an extra pillow to encourage drainage and reduce those dark baggy eyes.

Use the Right Ingredients

  • Peptides – this is a great ingredient to increase and encourage collagen (something we need to keep our skin looking younger)
  • Collagen
  • Hyalauronic Acid

Get Ready Later

This one sounds a little daunting to some people out there (I know, this was me once). However all I am suggesting is that you

Cover Up

If your eyes are still rather baggy and dark after 30 mins before getting ready, then by all means you can cover them up. Using a good colour corrector in a red or orange is a good start, but sometimes just a simple concealer will do the job. Remember though, your skin under the eye is incredibly thin and delicate, so you don’t want to add too much product to this area.

My Top 5 Products for Baggy Eyes

  1. Olay Regenerist Collagen Peptide24 Eye Cream Without Fragrance
  2. L’Oreal Paris Golden Age Rosy Glow Eye Cream for Dark Circles 15 ml
  3. Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Dark Circle Corrector In JUST 2 WEEKS
  4. Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Eye Concealer, Dark Circles and Blemish Concealer,
  5. Sleek MakeUp Lifeproof Colour Corrector

There you have it. My top tips for combating Under Eye Bags, so we can stop looking tired and worn, and instead live our lives looking FABULOUS!

See you all next time x

Much love xx


Products linked above are affiliate links. This means that I earn a small commission for each item sold from my links at no extra cost to yourself.

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How to Deal with Spot Prone Skin


We all get them. We all hate them.

But the question is how can we keep ourselves from getting them? If we can prevent ourselves from getting them, surely that means that we don’t have to deal with them?

What Causes Spots?

There are many things that can cause spots that we have to deal with everyday, such as:

  • Stress – Being stressed releases a hormone known as cortisol. This can trigger inflammation which results in spots and blemishes.
  • Pollution – pollution debris in the air can clog up your pores, which is why daily cleaning (twice a day) is incredibly important.
  • Using the wrong products – Not checking what skin type a product is for can lead to an imbalance of oils in your skin, leading to breakouts.
  • Diet – This is a well known fact, that the diet can effect your skin. For optimal skin, make sure to drink plenty of water and eat a varied diet preferably low in sugar.


The best and most simple way to prevent a breakout is to follow a simple and basic skincare routine. It doesn’t have to be anything special or expensive, just following a few simple steps with the right kind of products and there you have it.

  1. Using products like vitamin C will help as it contains antioxidants which fight off pollution.

I recommend a product like the Nip + Fab Vitamin C Fix Tonic

You simply wipe it over your face with a cotton pad and there you have it. It really couldn’t be any easier.

2. A moisturising cleanser is really good to give your skin that added boost such as “Simple Kind to Skin Moisturising Face Wash”, which adds extra moisture to your face whilst also gently cleaning.

3. Retinol is a really good way to reduce wrinkles and fine lines (and any other signs of ageing), however, these products should only be used every two to three days after your normal cleansing routine at night.

If used too much it can cause various reactions to your skin. I suggest a Retinol product like L’oreal Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle Cream for first time users of Retinol.

Or a Retinol Serum for someone who is more used to using it to reduce the chances of a reaction.

Exfoliating on the days you don’t use Retinol will help to remove dead skin cells and refresh your face.

4. A good moisturiser is a must for the end of your skincare routine, you want a good moisturiser which wont leave an oily residue after. I currently use the NO7 Essential Moisture Day Cream.

REMEMBER to use a sunscreen before applying makeup to protect your skin from UV.

5. Keep your skin hydrated. Keeping our skin hydrated from the inside as well as externally is really important, as this also makes sure that our skin is healthy. Drink plenty of water and you will soon see a change in your skin.

These are my tips for how to prevent Spots and Breakouts.

I hope that these tips help you out a little, if you have any other tried and tested ideas let me know!

Much love xx

DISCLAIMER: The links above are affiliated links, which means that I will receive a small commission for any purchases made through them, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your continued support.

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How I Style My Outfits

Photo by Rachel Claire on

This is one of my mood boards that represents in a really good way how I style my outfits. There is a method to the way that I create my outfits which I wear each day. This is more apparent in the summer months than in the winter months due to the nature of how I style my clothes, (also because I don’t hibernate in the summer, meaning that I actually take a note of the clothes I am wearing).

I love to style outfits for my friends and family, but also for myself. I literally could spend hours on end looking at the clothes that someone has and creating hundreds of stylish outfits out just a few items of clothing.


Clothes and fashion have been a huge passion of mine since I was a teenager and starting to notice those who are around me and what they are wearing. This is how I first got into fashion.

How I style my Outfits

The first thing that I do to create my outfits is to pick a “focus item”. This could be a dress, a top, a jumper, a pair of trousers. It is just an item that I want to focus on, and draw everyone’s attention to. For example in my mood board, the focus item is my jumpsuit.

Sometimes my focus item could be a particular colour, or sometimes it could be a pattern that I want to focus on and highlight. It doesn’t just have to be the item of clothing itself. I love to mix it up and have my focus piece change every day, one day it will be a pattern, the next it could be my top or my bag. This way I don’t have to think too much about everything else that I am putting with the item, I just have to think “what would make this item/ piece stand out from the rest of my outfit?”

Once I have my main piece I look at the other components I need to complete a look. E.g. If I had picked a top, I would have the choice of trousers, shorts or a skirt, AND shoes, and other accessories. There is so much choice that you need to think about when thinking about making an outfit.

My usual go to focus items are:

  • Jumpsuit or playsuit
  • Dress
  • Palazzo Trousers
  • Skirt or patterned shorts
  • Top

How do I choose my Accessories

Accessorising is the perfect way to make an outfit pop. It can really complete a look, however sometimes it could break a look, and make a look flop.

As a rule of thumb, I tend to keep my accessorising as neutral as I possibly can, using Whites and Brown/Beige to compliment or highlight the outfit. However sometimes an outfit requires a complete contrast in accessories to make it really pop.

For example when I wear my Khaki Jeans (which I want to be the main feature) I find that a burgundy or purple body suit really helps to make the whole outfit come together.

Mixing colours is a really good way to make an outfit look something rather special and unique. Only you know what colours look good on you and suit the items you have in your wardrobe, and as long as you feel confident in what you are wearing it doesn’t really matter what you wear.

In the summer months I tend to wear a lot more accessories than the rest of the year. I don’t know why but I think I just seem to prefer the summer fashion to winter. In the winter I will accessorise with Hats, Scarfs and Boots. This never really changes. I don’t really like the cold so I will try not to leave the house wherever possible. However in the summer I accessorise with much more such as:

  • Necklaces – I usually stick with gold chunky pieces that stand out from my clothing. However sometimes a smaller subtle item is much more acceptable. Especially for special occasions.
  • Bracelets – Normally I will wear either my Pandora bracelet which has charms which mean something to me, or I layer up with 3-5 small bracelets to create a statement.
  • Anklet – I LOVE an anklet in the summer months and practically live in them. Even if I am wearing tights I will put an anklet on. It is how my friends and family know it’s summer (they all joke).
  • Hats – I am a bit of a hat fanatic. My hat collection used to be much bigger than it is now, but that’s just because my old hats had worn out. I love a good trilby hat, these are kind of my staple summer hat, and as a red-head I need a good hat in the summer to protect myself from the sun (even with sun-cream I end up burning!!)

Obviously I also accessorise with bags and shoes, as does everyone but there is so much I could say about both that I would need a whole post for just one.

Have a go at creating your own outfit like I do. I promise you it can be addictive and very quickly you will find that you can make one item of clothing into hundreds of different outfits.

Let me know how you create your outfits!

Much love xxx

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Fashion and style are 2 different things. Fashion is the trends which are currently in circulation, and style is the way you wear the trends. It’s more personal, what you like/ dislike and what suits you best, but importantly it is about showing who you are through what you wear. You do not have to be fashionable to be stylish, you just need to wear your style with pride.

I will be honest with you.

I don’t really like the trends that are currently circulating around in the fashion world at the moment. There are quite a few pieces that have recently been released that I literally question.

For example this dress from Missguided is just weird.

I mean I don’t really get why you would wear something that is basically 2 items in one, (but not the jumper with the shirt collar way, as in literally 2 shirts bashed together) did the seamstress run out of material or something?!

This look is not for me, and there are plenty more items in the fashion world right now that I really just “don’t get”.

Maybe it’s that I’m getting old, or perhaps it’s that I’ve fallen out with fashion since having Isabelle. Either way, I don’t really like some of the current trends at the moment.

What’s a style?

There are hundreds of types of style in the fashion world, defined and categorised by the kind of looks we tend to go for.

Here are just a few different types:


This style tends to include flowy items made of natural materials. The Bohemian look tends to use natural and earthy colours. It’s basically all about being natural and close to nature.


A vintage style tends to be clothing that replicates that of another era. For example one of my favourite youtubers lives in vintage clothing (@JasmineChiswell) and she look absolutely amazing. She is able to purchase modern day clothing and turn it into a replica of something from the 50’s.

On Trend

This style is constantly evolving. Keeping up with the current fashions and wearing only what is recent and up-to-date. This kind of style is not the most economic as falls into the category of “fast fashion” meaning you are changing your wardrobe every time a new season hits.

Feminine and Tom Boy

These two looks are the opposite of each other. A feminine look is all about the bouncy, flowy clothes, usually a lot of dresses and pastels. Whereas the TomBoy look is more about gender neutral clothes that are less “feminine” and more loose fitting, usually with bold colours.


This attire is usually that of sports wear as everyday wear. Think gym wear on the school run, or Jogging bottoms all year round. The sporty style is very much about constantly being ready for sports, but rocking that look.

These are just a few of the different styles that are out there. There are so many different style categories for us all to explore. I love trying to mix up my look from time to time, and sometimes something from that style category will stick in my day-to-day wear.

What’s my Style?

MY style is probably a mix of the Trendy and Feminine. I love to keep up with fashion (when I like what there is), but I love to wear pastels but I also love the colours most associated with the Bohemian style. It is very rare that you won’t see me in a dress or jumpsuit in the summer months, and if you do see me in something else you can guarantee there will be something else that fits the “feminine” style.

No one is just one kind of style. While you may find that your style fits a few categories, you may find that you actually sway more to one or the other. That is absolutely fine.

Whatever your style is remember that you look amazing!!

Much love


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Fabletics Haul and Review

I recently did some shopping online.

Yes I know it’s not exactly news, as I am a self confessed shopaholic. However, I didn’t shop at one of my usual places, I went to a place I had never ever been to before, because I didn’t really like the idea of subscribing to something (with a fee) when you aren’t necessarily going to be shopping there a lot. Here is my Fabletics Haul and review for you.

Fabletics is a subscription online store, where you pay £49 as a subscription fee, which is kept on your account as credit to spend on the products in store.

One question I ask myself is

Is it worth it?

Honestly I don’t think I would pay the price every month for this service. You can’t really get a lot for the price, and I don’t like the fact you are forced to go to the website every month to opt out if you aren’t wanting to purchase anything.

Are the products good, and worth the money?

The products are good yes. But I wouldn’t say they are fantastic. The leggings roll down as you move, which becomes uncomfortable, and when washed the padding in the sports bras are folded over and not in the right places, there is no way for you to be able to remove the pads before washing.

The clothes are incredibly expensive. If I earnt a lot more than £8.50 an hour then I might say that they are worth the money but everything is around £30-£90 and that’s just for single items. Usually for active wear I don’t spend more than around £10-£20, for these I would say that £20-£30 would be more suitable, especially as they don’t really wash well.

Do you get quality for the price you pay?

The clothes are good, and they feel great on, but when washed I feel they let themselves down. The leggings end up with a sort of “penguin tail” once washed following all the instructions, and the sports bras end up with folded padding.

For the price you pay, I expect the labels to be smaller in the sports bras, and the leggings to wash well, as well as the padding to be sewn in so it doesn’t move.

DO you still get the good deals you get when you first sign up?

Absolutely not!

Every time I look on the website for something new or just for a browse you are only given everything at a “VIP” price which is just a discounted price for the products compared to if you hadn’t signed up. NEWSFLASH you will never be paying the full price for the products, that’s how the company works.

I would like to see the introductory offer of a % off the products, and the 2 for £24 on the leggings still available to returning customers. As I have said before I wouldn’t pay the price of the products unless they are discounted heavily as I personally don’t think the products are worth the money.

This is my experience of Fabletics, let me know if you have tried them out and what your experience was. Do you share the same opinions or different?

Comment below to let me know!

Much Love


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January Favourites 2021

I have been looking over the products I used over the last month and have found that there are a few products I use more than others, and that I prefer, so I thought that I would share with you my January favourites. This is going to be a new monthly thread that I share with you (I hope), as I have so much I love every single month.

My Favourite Items This Month Are

1. Umberto Giannini Grow Long Shampoo/Conditioner

Leaves my hair feeling soft and clean, and makes it feel much healthier.

2.Essie 60 Second Nail Polish – Island Hopping

Looks great on and long lasting, meaning you don’t have to reapply after a few days!

3. Nivea LipBalm

Moisturises my lips and prevents them from cracking and bleeding.

4. Giordani Gold Long Lasting Foundation

Long wear and light weight! It looks amazing on and so natural, a really nice foundation that I definitely recommend.

5. Lash Sensational Mascara – Maybelline

Makes lashes look long and full.

6. Collection Eye Shadow Palette – Bare Rose

Deep pigmentation of colour and long lasting.

7. Darcey’s Bath Bomb

Smells great, feels great, and perfect for the ultimate relaxation

8. Darcey’s Wax Melt – Monkey Farts

Smells great and paraffin free! Great for you and the scent lasts a long time

9. Darcey’s Candle – Monkey Farts

Soy candle that smells amazing, matches up with the wax melts, or you can get them to match your bath bombs.

10. Humpty Dumpty Family Game

Hours and hours of fun and entertainment.

What are your monthly favourites? Is there anything here that you want to try?

Let me know in the comments below.

Much love xxx