Vitamins Explained

It’s no wonder we are pretty confused when shopping for vitamins. We’ve been told, that a good vitamin supplement will boost our energy level. In fact, we’re told this constantly: in magazine articles, television and web sites, to name a few. So when you arrive at the vitamin shop, you’re already at a complete loss…… Continue reading Vitamins Explained

Turkey Burgers

Who doesn’t love a good burger? They are a great food for all times of the year, you can have them on the Barbecue or you can cook them on the grill. They are the perfect food for all the family to enjoy. When we have a food that is super tasty and loved by…… Continue reading Turkey Burgers

Chocolate Heaven Cake

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Who doesn’t like a chocolate cake? While we are stuck in another lock down, we need a pick me up, and this cake has definitely been that for us. It is very light, and moist, and the flavour is intense and just delicious. With a dark chocolate and white chocolate ganache to fill and top…… Continue reading Chocolate Heaven Cake

Mummy’s Sausage Hot Pot I love a one pot dish. They are so simple to make, and yet can have many complexities to them. My sausage hot pot is a kind of casserole. This is a recipe that my mum used to make for me on a cold winters night, she would put it on first thing in…… Continue reading Mummy’s Sausage Hot Pot

Perfect sausage rolls

Sausages rolls always go down well in my house. When we have visitors round I always make sure I have a fresh batch cooked ready for us to snack on. The children love them, and the adults love them even more, they are so easy to make that they literally take no time at all…… Continue reading Perfect sausage rolls

Ham Hock Mac and Cheese

Cheese and pasta, what’s not to like?! I love a macaroni cheese, it is such a versatile meal. You can have it as a starter, a side dish or a main meal. And my gosh it is great! I love to mix up the recipe a little adding different ingredients and making it something special…… Continue reading Ham Hock Mac and Cheese

Brownie Mousse Sundae

I am a chocoholic and this dish definitely satisfies my chocolate cravings. I had attempted to make mousse before when I was younger but couldn’t get the recipe quite right, but then I realised that I was making life difficult for myself and that to make a mousse you really don’t need too much skills…… Continue reading Brownie Mousse Sundae