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How Sleep Better When You Have KIDS

Having children is knackering. It is absolutely EXHAUSTING and as mums we need as much sleep as we can possibly get. However it’s not as simple as that.

Sleep brings about so many benefits, including better skin and health. But with children we can find it very difficult to get a good nights sleep, as they tend to have their own ideas.

Here are a few suggestions that can make a big difference….

Take Sleep Seriously

The first and most important point is simply to start treating sleep with the respect it deserves.

Don’t go to bed late thinking you’ll ‘make up for it later’.

Sleep will impact every aspect of the way you feel, look and perform and the negative effects can be cumulative with time.

Make getting enough, high quality sleep a priority. Where ever possible.

Drink Less

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If you are drinking even a couple of glasses of wine or beer a night, then this will be badly hurting the quality of your sleep.

Alcohol leads to dehydration, it increases your heartrate and it prevents you from getting fully restorative deep sleep. If you aren’t out socializing, pick a fruit juice instead.

Oh and the same goes for caffeine past 4pm as well!

Take a Hot Shower Before Bed

This is one easy change that can have a huge impact on your sleep.

A hot shower will stimulate the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone) in your body and thus help you to sleep like a baby.

It also naturally relaxes the muscles.

You could also use a scent like Lavender to help relax you and sleep well.

Avoid Screen Time

For an hour before bed, avoid looking at computer screens or phones.

Your brain registers this wavelength of light as sunlight because it’s a similar point on the spectrum. Try using the Blue Light filter instead if you need to be using a screen.

Spend the last hour reading quietly and you’ll reduce your cortisol and sleep much better as a result!

Many unnatural lights can cause this problem too – in fact, just going to the bathroom in the night can trigger the release of enough cortisol to have quite profound negative effects on your sleep subsequently.

Consider a Daylight Alarm

While you want to avoid screen time during the evening though, this same ‘blue light’ is actually very beneficial when you’re just waking up.

That’s because cortisol is one of the things that helps us wake up and it’s a lack of this natural light that often makes it hard to get up in winter.

Try getting a daylight alarm which works by simulating the effects of a sunrise first thing in the morning by producing light at just the right wavelengths and then getting gradually brighter. – I use an automated brightness setting on my phone, where it gradually gets brighter as the day goes by, and then dull again in the evening.

My Honest Advice to you?

Don’t worry too much about getting the best nights sleep just yet. We are all young, and while yes the signs of aging can’t be reversed, we can work on preventing them when our little cherubs are older, and we have more time to ourselves.

If you have a particularly bad night with your child then just enjoy the time you spend with them, even if it is 1o’clock in the morning. They grow up way to fast for us to be worrying about getting the “perfect nights sleep” right now.

I take a nap when Isabelle is at school, and try to go to bed early (being around 9-10pm), so I am ready for the day ahead. For me a good nights sleep is waking in the morning feeling ready to take on anything that my toddler (is she still a toddler?) throws at me.

Sleep Well xx

Emma xx

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The Ultimate Anti Aging Guide!

No one wants to get older but unfortunately, until they discover an elixir of youth, it’s fairly unavoidable.

But just because you have to get older, no one said you had to do it quickly. And no one said you couldn’t age well and keep your youthful good looks, energy and health!

Many of us make the assumption that getting old automatically has to mean getting covered in wrinkles, losing our ability to walk around and eventually developing incontinence and dementia.

As it happens though, none of these things are inevitable and most of them are only partially related to age!

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Ultimate Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Guide 2021

Mother’s day is just round the corner (Like it’s this sunday!) and I have only just started thinking about what to get my mum as a little token to say “Thanks”. After all, that’s all Mother’s day is about, just to be thankful to your mum (or mum figure) for being there for you and raising you to be who you are today.

The problem is, when you are on a tight budget you want to make sure that you are getting something which is both personal and affordable, and something that your mum would actually like.

For me, as a mum I would be happy with a paid massage, or a trip to the hair salon, or even a pair of Pyjamas. After all we have been stuck in lock-down for so long I think a day at the spa is just what is needed to release all the stress and anxiety which has accumulated over the past months.

But what do you get your mum?

I have compiled a list of 7 items which I am considering getting my mum (I have to be careful as I know she reads this blog and I don’t want to give away what she’s actually getting).

1. A Photo Tile or Framed Photo

Sending a photo that you love of you and your mum, or a photo she really likes, is a really nice way to show your love to your mum. There are some really good sites that you can create a photo tile on, such as Free Tiles- from the company Free Prints.

This is a really good app which I have used for all the pictures in my house. You choose a photo from your phone, add it to the app, and just pay postage and packaging. Within just a week you will have a new tile to add to your collection.

2. A Personalised Item- with photos

Like the first idea, a personalised item such as a phone case, or a cushion, or literally anything you like. These mean a lot to mums, as they can be a photo of something that means a lot to them, or a photo of the little faces which light up their world. (For my mum a photo of me and Isabelle is always a winner).

With apps like Photo Box you can literally choose anything you like to personalise and send to your mum. I do recommend one thing however STAY AWAY FROM MUGS. Mugs have been given for years and years as a gift to literally everyone. They have now become a kind of present you give when you don’t know what to give, and I really don’t recommend that. You are much better off getting something you know will be used by your mum as then you know that the product was worth it.

3. Chocolates

I don’t think I know any woman who doesn’t like chocolate. It is one of the easiest gifts to buy, BUT don’t just get a standard bar off the shelf. Make sure you get something that is a little more special. Such as a small gift box, or some “fancy” chocolate like “Green and Blacks”

I personally would go for something like the Galaxy Chocolate Truffles or even a box of Gullian Pralines, as these are always a winner.

4. Homemade gifts.

Anything homemade means a lot to a mother. It shows that time and care has been taken to give them something unique and meaningful. There are so many things that you can make as a gift for anyone, and you don’t need to have special skills at all.

  • A Knitted or Crocheted item of clothing (jumpers, hats, scarfs etc.)
  • A Knitted or Crocheted toy or keep sake (a favourite animal ornament or door stop is a good idea and fairly simple to make)
  • Try your hand at macrame – this is a new trend that is becoming increasingly fashionable, and you can make some super cute things with this.
  • Rope Coasters – A glue gun and some rope is all you need, simply coil the rope and stick together with hot glue.
  • A painting or drawing – if you are rather arty this is a really nice way to make a present
  • Sew something. – I like to cross stitch, my cousin likes to make things with softer material and a sewing machine.
  • Make some biscuits or cakes – If your mum has a sweet tooth then why not make some biscuits? If you have children get them to decorate them. Trust me it will mean a lot to your mum.

There are so many things that you can make as presents for any occasion and a homemade present will always mean more to the recipient than a shop brought one.

5. Flowers

I know, I know. This is a cliche type of present, but honestly flowers are a really nice way to say “I love you”. You don’t have to just go for cut flowers (aka a bouquet) you could try buying a potted plant instead. They last longer meaning she will constantly be reminded of you every time she sees it.

6. Wine or Gin

If your mum likes a good little tipple (and who doesn’t at the moment with the lockdown) then why not get her a bespoke wine, or a flavoured Gin for her to try.

We tend to like a sparkling rose in my house, or a flavoured gin like Blossom Hill Gin Fizz in Rhubarb flavour.

7. Bath Stuff

Luxury Bath Gift Sets are a great gift to send your mum, be sure to label it as a pamper kit, or care hamper though! This little tip will save you having funny looks or any questions. The answer is just “so you can have a little pamper session, bring the spa to you” She will love it!

I personally like the Soap and Glory Pinkly Gift Set, it has everything you need, and their products are really good and great value for your money!

I hope this list helps you out as you realise you may have forgotten to get something for your mum.

Don’t worry we still have time.

Much love xx

DISCLAIMER: The links above are affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission for any products purchased at not extra cost to you. Thankyou for your continued support.

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We’re Coming out of Lockdown!

I cannot believe it! We are finally going to be free from this dreadful lock down. The government has decided that we can meet up with friends and families again, and if we follow the stages laid out by them we should be back to normal by JUNE 2021.

I can’t say that I fully believe their pledge, but I am ready for the freedom to begin. It has been soo long since we last got to see my parents and grandparents, and I’m really feeling alone.

When we first went into lockdown anxiety bloomed and depression set in. We were alone. My support network were stripped from me. And because of the technicality of having a lodger in my house I wasn’t eligible to go and see my family as a bubble. My Nan who I saw every single week for lunch, no matter what, was suddenly removed from my weekly routine, and I could only speak to her on a video call when we got a chance. I miss our lunch dates we used to have. I miss my mum and I miss being able to get out of the house and having other people helping me with my very active toddler.

We are so excited to see our family, but more importantly I am excited to be able to get out of the house, and make memories with Isabelle that doesn’t involve the house. The first thing I want to do is to take her to the Zoo. She has been begging me for the last 2 months, so I think that is definitely the first thing we should be doing. (Don’t worry there will most definitely be a video and blog about it!). I can’t wait to see her face as she gets to go to these amazing places that we used to go to almost monthly.

She’s also super excited to be able to go swimming again, an activity she used to do on a Saturday morning with her Nanna. Indoor soft play, and just in general seeing all of her friends again.

You see us adults tend to forget just how hard the children have had it. I’m not on about the teenagers – I see hundreds of them every day at work in groups when they shouldn’t be and being a general nuisance – but the younger children. The ones who aren’t allowed to go out on their own, who don’t have a mobile phone to be able to contact their friends, the ones who can’t yet read or write, who are only just learning about the world. They had their friends stripped from them. Their weekly routines turned upside down. All with no understanding of why this is happening.

Yes we are excited that the pubs are opening back up, and that the shops will finally be opening their doors to us. Yes we are glad we can go out for a meal again in a restaurant, but our children have had it much harder. Being taught at home by your parents is no fun matter, for either party.

We are coming out of lockdown, but I honestly think the first couple of months should be a celebration for the children, BEFORE we celebrate in the pubs.

HEY let’s take the kids out and then have our friends over in the evening! Or let’s take the kids out with our friends. I know that’s what I will be doing. My best friend and I are already planning our first outing which is going to end in a girls night in, with the kiddies having a sleep over at one of our houses.

Let me know what you’re most looking forward to coming out of lockdown.

Do you have any plans already?

Much love


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Spring/Summer Fashion Wish List 2021

Since looking at NewLook for fashion inspiration for the next season, I have been looking at other shops aswell to find items that I like, and I have to say I have not been disappointed at all. It has been so long since I last went shopping properly that I have a funny feeling that a HUGE haul is about to happen when the stores reopen their doors for the public.

There are already so many items that I am loving at the moment and I can’t wait to be able to really look the clothes and make an informed decision on the quality of the goods before I purchase them.

Here is my fashion wish list from other stores that I have looked at:

Purple Playsuit – From

I love a play suit for the summertime. I find that they are super comfy and are great for any occasion. They go great with a pair of sandals or trainers and make it really easy to get ready in the morning.

Only downfall about a play suit?

It is rather difficult to get out of when you need to pee, however they look great and they are one of my favourite types of clothing that I own.

You can find this play suit here.

Missguided Trench Coat (from ASOS)

I have always had a Trench Coat since before I started Uni. It has become my go to type of coat and I absolutely love them. They can make any outfit look a little more classy, and they go with almost everything.

If you have never had a trench coat in your closet then you should definitely invest in one, as they really are a great item to have. I usually bring one with me on a night out, as when it gets colder towards the end of the night I have something to keep me warm, and something to switch up my outfit.

It’s a win-win!

You can find this trench coat here.

Natural Ballet Flats (ASOS)

A pair of neutral coloured ballet flats are a must have every summer for me. They go with practically everything, and they are super comfy. My style is all about practicality and comfort, as well as things that I feel suit me.

I don’t really like to wear sandals as such as I find they end up hurting my feet, but these particular flats are a kind of cross between a sandal and ballet flat that they would be perfect for my summer wardrobe this year.

You can find these shoes here.

Espadrille Sandals (ASOS)

Following on from the last item I had looked at I thought that I would give a different type of sandal a go this year, and came across these. They are coral in colour and more of an espadrille than a sandal. I really like the fabric cross over on the top of these sandals and wish that I could try them on before purchasing, however they are from ASOS so the likelihood of that happening is nil.

However they look super comfy so I am going to keep a lookout for the reviews to start coming in to see what others think of them.

You can find these sandals here.

Tan Backpack (ASOS)

I have loved a backpack/ rucksack since having Isabelle. They are so handy to hold all the essentials which you need for a day out, and because they go on your back they evenly distribute the weight over your back rather than causing one arm stress.

I always look for new rucksacks when my current one starts to wear out, and whilst my current one is still in perfect condition (coz let’s face it, we haven’t exactly had anywhere to go), I have been looking for one in this colour.

I love the simplicity of the style and the fact that it is neutral so will go with every single item I already own.

You can find this backpack here.

Blue Wash Denim Jeans (ASOS)

I have been looking for some new jeans, as my current ones have rips in them (all over the place). I don’t really like wearing ripped jeans as I feel like it shows that you haven’t got a lot of money (I come from a background of living on tight budgets), and whilst I will embrace my current jeans I do want a pair that will actually keep my knees warm and covered.

I have chosen a stone wash pair of jeans as I already have the “classic” blue style and a pair of black jeans, so I wanted to go for something a bit different. They aren’t really my usual kind of style, but I am willing to try them out.

You can find these jeans here.

Silk Pyjamas (ASOS)

It has been so many years since I last had a new pair of Jammies (Pyjamas), and when I saw these I thought they looked really cute and were something I should have to replace my old ones that I am getting rid of.

They are a silk material making them super soft against the skin and really comfy.

I love a good pair of pyjamas and if I can find some to match in Isabelle’s size I might just end up getting them.

You can find these pyjamas here.

Shirt and Shorts Pyjama set (Asos)

Yes! Another pair of pyjamas. However this time they have a really cute button up detailing and a contasting black detail throughout the pair.

I love the vintage style of these pyjamas and I think these are going to look super cute when worn. These are a pair that I am really considerig getting at some point over the next month or so.

You can find these pyjamas here.

Pale Pink Skater Style Dress (

This is not my usual style of dress, but I thought it looked really cute! And with a few events coming up this year (when we can finally get together with family and friends), I am looking for some iconic pieces to wear to stand out in the crowd at the things which are coming up.

What drew me to this dress was the cinched in waist, and the frills around the arms, I just think that this dress is the epitome of feminine beauty and I think it would look really nice on. However, the more I look at it the more I doubt if it will actually suit me or not.

You can find this dress here.

Cargo Trousers (

LOVE LOVE LOVE! A pair of cargo trousers are great for a muddy day out with the family. These kind of trousers would be a great item to wear when we go up into the woods, and explore through the mud to see what we can find. (Something we do at least once a week)

I love the colour, and the style of these trousers and if I didn’t already have a couple of pairs of trousers like this they would have been purchased straight away.

You can find these trousers here.

Blue Culotte Jump Suit

Just like the Play Suit, I really love a good Jump Suit for the colder nights, and for a more classy look.

I feel that navy blue is a really good colour on me, and it adds to the “class” appeal. You can make a jump suit casual by simply pairing it with a pair of trainers and a large hat, or just wearing as it is bare footed, with messy hair. (How i end up most of the time in the summer lol)

This jump suit is a cropped culotte style and I think it looks really comfy and durable. Which is what’s needed for a mum who is constantly on her feet.

You can find the jump suit here.

Ribbed Body Suit (H&M)

I think I mentioned this in my last post but i love a good body suit as they are a great way to “tuck everything in” and make an outfit seem more complete. A body suit allows you to purchase a “bottom” item with detailing at the top, as you will still be able to see this detailing, unlike with a looser fitting top.

I have looked at this white one in particular because most of my clothing that I wear on the bottom on dark, so I want something to contrast with them.

I love a white top as they are neutral and really easy to build up a great look. I will probably look into getting a black version of this as well if I do end up getting it.

You can find this body suit here.

Linen Sun Dress (H & M)

This little dress is something that I probably wont end up getting, it isn’t really my colour or a style that suits me. However I clicked on this and added it to my wish list for the month because it looks super cute and girlie, and if it was in a childs size, I would probably have gotten this for Isabelle.

I love the way this dress sits on the model and flows. The shoulders aren’t too big and puffy so they allow you to keep your feminine shape, and the front of the dress draws attention to the smallest parts of the torso.

You can find this dress here.

This is my full wishlist (excluding the New Look items) that I have for this month, and I haven’t decided whether or not I am going to get the items yet, as there are so many things to choose from.

Did you like anything on my wish list?

If so which items?

Comment below and let me know!

Much love xx

DISCLAIMER: All links above generate me a few pence per click, this is at no cost to you. This is done through the company Stylink which generates a small commission for each click on their links without you purchasing the product.

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Organisation Tips for a Successful Blog

Having a successful blog is not something I initially set out for. I just wanted a space where I could write what was in my mind without having an actual end product (such as a book), but instead where I could write the little snippets of my daily life that I am thinking, when I am thinking it.

Believe me there is a lot, but I choose what I release and what I keep behind.

This blog has been a bit of a diary for me. HOWEVER, when I noticed that my posts were reaching you (my readers who I love dearly), I realised that I could work on my blog and make it successful. It doesn’t make me money, but that’s not my ultimate goal at the moment, a long time dream yes, but not an immediate goal. However using the planning schedule I set out for you below, I have really noticed an increase in growth and development in both my blog and my videos on youtube (my vlog). So as I am still learning, but seeing that I am doing something right, I thought I would share with you all how I do it, and what I do.

Plan, Plan, and Plan Again

Planning is absolutely a must to have a successful blog or vlog. I have learnt this the hard way. At first I was just randomly posting to my blog and very rarely posting on my video channel.

Everyone on social media platforms, with free blogging workshops, youtubers who tell you what they did to grow etc. all said that planning was a must for a successful blog and vlog. But still I didn’t listen.

I thought I knew best.

I really didn’t.

Once I started to plan my content I realised a big difference in my analytics, and I got excited. I love making lists so I got to work and made my lists into a doable plan of action for my brand. And I definitely noticed results. People were starting to view my channel, and readers were coming to my blog. (Like I said I am not monetised, and won’t be for quite a while, my goal is for that to come next year some time.)

Organisation is KEY

Now you have a plan of action, the key is to organise it. Think about what is achievable on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, and make sure you set yourself a goal that is achievable and not too ambitious.

I started out doing far too much and overwhelming myself with what I was doing.

And I kinda still am. I aim to post daily on both platforms, which means a lot of editing and writing nearly everyday.

How do I manage?

My weekly plan is usually to film enough content for a week in just 2 days. This means that I then don’t have to film content any other day of the week (unless I want to do a day in the life, or routine video), meaning that I can then block out a section of a day (like when Isabelle is at school), or use the evening for editing and uploading my videos and writing up my blogs.

At the moment my blogs take a back burner due to the fact that my computer struggles with my video editor so on the 3 days I am not doing anything for my videos I focus ONE day on my blog. Typing up my segments for the week, scheduling their release and linking them up with my future videos.

Love what you do!

This is probably the most important thing of all time!

If you don’t love what you do, it will feel like a chore. If it feels like a chore, you will start to resent having to do the task that is in front of you.

I absolutely love to write, and talk so when I film I am filming about something I love at that moment, and I write about it too, so that my writing compliments what I am filming.

I have said it before (I think on one of my intro videos actually) I write better than I talk, however sometimes I get so tongue-tied when writing that I need to talk to explain myself better. Does that make sense?

Use All The Tools You Need

Following on from my last point, A video is probably the best way to explain what I mean. As stated in the video a copy of my blog planner in PDF form is attached at the bottom for you to see and use at your own leisure. I just find it so helpful having everything in one place, that way you know EXACTLY what you are doing on any given day.

Research SEO and use it to your best ability.

This comes with a lot of research and practise to get this right. At first I really struggled with what this is (and sometimes still do struggle with how to get the best search engine results), but basically there are certain things that you can do to make sure you are found easier by potential viewers and readers.

With this I also utilise tags. There is a difference between hashtags and tags. A hashtag is something that people use on certain social media platforms to place their post on a page dedicated to that tag e.g #blogging. Whereas a tag is something that other people might put into a search engine to find your post.

Since doing a lot of research on tagging a blog post (and I mean a lot, about 10 hours or so I would say), I have found that the absolute best tools for tagging and getting those key words into your products is to use TUBEBUDDY or VIDIQ if you are on Youtube. I am still finding a good resource for my blog. But once I find one I will post it on here for you all.

That is about everything that I do to have a successful blog.

If you think I may have missed something out (I’m sure there’s something) then don’t hesitate to comment below or message me.

See you all next time!

Much love xx

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My Evening Cleaning Routine

Today I thought I would share with everyone what I do in the evenings once Isabelle has gone to bed. Having a routine for each part of your day, that tends to be repeated daily, helps for those parts of the day to go much smoother and quicker. Giving you more time for the things that are really important. Such as spending time with your family, or spending time on yourself, be it a bath or shower, or reading a book or even just having a bit of relaxing time.

This is a standard kind of routine that I do (although I usually do 1 load of washing a day, which I separate when the baskets are full, into 3 or 4 piles – so 1 pile a day) and then on the weekend I will do a bigger deeper clean as it is just me on my own whilst Isabelle is at her dads.

I actually don’t enjoy cleaning, so I do everything I can to make sure that there is less for me to do at any one time. This means cleaning and tidying as much as I can as I go along throughout the day, so that in the evening there is only a few things left for us to do. I also try to find short cuts where ever possible so that the jobs are made easier and quicker so I can out my energy and time into the things that really matter. Like spending my time with Isabelle and looking after my mental health.

Here’s What I Do In An Evening

Put The Washing On

Once Isabelle is asleep, the first thing I do is bring down any washing that needs to be done. This time I had a weeks worth of washing to sort through, but usually it will be just one of the layers I have created in the washing basket, to keep colours etc separate.

My Sections are:

  1. Hand Knitted, or Woollen Clothing
  2. Whites and pastels
  3. Coloured
  4. Blacks/ Darks (including red)
  5. Bulk items such as bedding and towels

I try to do all my washing within 2 days however sometimes it can take a bit longer depending on drying time for items, as we don’t have a tumble dryer and the weather in England is usually cold and wet some items of clothing can take a couple of days to dry (even when on a radiator!).

Fill and Empty Dishwasher

This is a given. To keep a tidy and clean kitchen, making sure all surfaces are empty is really important. I leave out the larger appliances and there are a few designated items that remain on the surfaces at all times (like my kettle, bread bin and toaster) as we don’t have a lot of storage in the kitchen.

I empty out the dishwasher of the clean items (it tends to go on twice a day), and then I will fill it up with the things we used for dinner. Sometimes there will be other things to put in as well, such as when we do baking.

Clean Surfaces

This sort of happens at the same time of me doing the dishwasher.

I will put all rubbish in the bin, and wipe down the surfaces with anti-bac and a damp cloth, followed by a clean towel to dry the surfaces.

Again, as I said above, a clean surface area makes the whole room seem much tidier and more put together.

Tackle the Living Room/ Playroom

This is the area in which I have to relax in the evening (without going to bed), so I will put all remaining toys away in their rightful places and tidy up any items which are not where they should be, like blankets and cushions.

This makes the living room have an instant “adult” feel to it, rather than the overwhelming feeling that it has been taken over by children. The cleaning of the living room will also include a quick hoover of the floor so that there are no crumbs being trodden and smeared into the carpet and rug, as there is nothing worse than standing on crumbs when you are bare foot (like we are in the morning).

Doing these simple things in the evening helps to get the house ready for the morning, and gives me a space to relax in before I go to bed. The time I have after before I go to bed is where I will either watch a bit of the television, read a book or magazine or edit and write my blog and vlog.

The evening I filmed this I was doing some editing and writing, before watching my new favourite TV show Bridgerton.

Let me know what your evening routines are like. Is there anything you do the same or different?

I love to hear from you all so please don’t be a stranger!

Much love


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How I Keep a Toddler Entertained

Today I attempted to do a home video diary vlog. I failed. I just couldn’t work out what to film, and what I actually wanted to share with everyone. Instead I realised that I had about 4 activities that I had planned for the day, and realised that so many of us at the moment are struggling with how to keep our children entertained when they are at home all day, everyday. That is how today’s post was invented.

I thought that I would share with you how I keep a toddler entertained everyday. Now please do note before you think that this works all the time, that it doesn’t. Whilst I have tried and tested my method many many times, at the end of the day it all depends on our children and how they are feeling for the day.

We all have good days and bad days, and we as parents should recognise when our little ones just need a lazy day where they do not do much at all. Hey we all have days where we just need to chill. So sometimes our plans and ideas go out the window.

For example, the day I wrote this article my little one was having an off day. She was cuddly and tired and just needed to rest for the day. We did a few activities to keep the day interesting and fun, but really we just cuddled and had a film day. Sometimes we just need it.

Planning the day ahead

Every evening when Isabelle has gone to bed, I have a little look at the toys we have in the living room (lounge) and work out what toys we haven’t played with in a while. For example when I looked in the toy unit today I noticed that we hadn’t touched the train set in a few days. Once I find about 2 toys or items that we haven’t played with for a while I write these down as an activity we can do. Then I look at what toy was her favourite of the day, as no doubt she will want to play with that one again.

I don’t set a time out for us to stick to as with toddlers I have learnt there is no such thing as an allotted time for some activities, sometimes they can be entertained for hours, others they can be entertained for minutes.

What’s more I always have set activities to do to make sure that we are having some sort of learning happening in the house, and developing skills all the time. These activities are usually some sort of craft, a walk or garden time, and of course our favourite thing to do, cooking.

Our days tend to look a little like this:

Train Set (something we haven’t played with for a few days)

Puzzles (An activity we haven’t done for a while)

Play Mobil (her fave toy at the moment)

Dollies (another current favourite)

Arts and crafts

Daily Walk

Cooking Dinner or Baking

These simple steps help to make sure that we never have a “boring” or “dull” moment at home and that she constantly has something to do. HOWEVER we do not always do all the activities I have planned for the day. I let Isabelle decide which activity she wants to do when she is finished with each one. Sometimes we go back to an activity we have already done, and sometimes we will just have story time or a cuddle.

It really depends on Isabelle and of course the activities are for her so therefore I want her to be happy.

These are just some things that I do to help prevent boredom in my household and it really does work. Isabelle absolutely loves having the choice of different things to do each day. And whilst we are unable to go out and about like we used to do before lock down, having the options to do something fun at home is great fun for her.

I hope this helps some of you out a little at least, and if you want to hear me ramble about this please check out my video below.

Love you all!! xxx

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I’m Quitting My Job

The time has come that I can no longer take the abuse I get working as a retailer. Yesterday when I was at work something happened, and I am at the end of my tether. In fact! My tether is hanging on by a tiny singular thread which is so frayed it’s amazing it’s still even attached at the moment. Customers are mean, rude and basically bullies. They think they are always right, despite the fact that they are trying to break the law (underage and trying to buy cigarettes/alcohol). Then because I am doing my job and requesting valid ID before serving the customer they think it is okay to swear at me and call me names.

I don’t get paid enough for this. I don’t come to work to be abused and called names. I don’t come to work to be bullied by people I don’t even know. I don’t come to work to get stressed out, and feel unsafe. NO-ONE should feel unsafe when they are at work. NO-ONE should be dreading going to work because they are anxious about what is going to happen when they get there.

The drama that we have to deal with is ridiculous. But what’s even worse is when colleagues don’t keep up the same practises as one another. Confusing customers, and therefore creating more issues for us all to deal with.

We shouldn’t have to deal with this. Just because we work in retail doesn’t mean we are obligated to put up with abuse from other people, who, let’s face it, are strangers. If I walked around and treated others the way they treat me in my workplace I would probably be arrested. If I was allowed to retaliate the way that is natural to me when people treat me like I am scum, I would definitely be arrested. I am a feisty redhead, and if you upset me I can,and probably will over react and flip out. I protect myself and my friends, colleagues and most importantly my family. And if I feel like they are in danger I will help them out and stop them from being in the firing line. But I shouldn’t have to ever feel the need to when we are at work.

One customer (who is banned from the shop, and has been for well over a year), is a particular nuisance to our store. At one point he was becoming so cocky that he would walk into the shop, pick up the stuff he wanted get told to leave, and square up to the staff member in charge. Unfortunately my house mate is also a colleague, he moved in with me in the first lockdown as he had to travel from another county to go to work, so moving in with me (who had just split with my ex) seemed like the most logical thing to do. It was a win, win situation as it meant that I was not stuck in lockdown alone, and he got a roof over his head. This however has had it’s fair share of problems with this particular nuisance. He has threatened to attack my home, because 2 of us live there, and has actually attempted to follow my house mate home as well. I have never felt so threatened and worried for my life before. NO! Not my life, ISABELLE’S.

Thankfully for me my uncle is a member of the police force, so I informed him of the situation which has given me some comfort. However it hasn’t solved the problem at work.

Dealing with the “situation”

The area manager came to visit the store the other month for a security and safety check. There is already so much wrong with the building that we work in, but that is a story for another day.

The area manager was in the store doing his visit, and happened to still be there as my shift began. So I vented to him. I told him how I don’t feel safe at work, how I want to leave, how we aren’t paid enough for this and I can’t cope with the stress, anxiety and panic attacks that comes with working in this place.

Thankfully he is also in charge of safety and security of the staff members at our company, so he listened and saw how distraught I was about the way we are treated and the things we have to be put up with. Physical and Verbal abuse is never accepted by anyone and he wasn’t about to let his staff members leave because of the customers.

He managed to get some security things in place for us. A security tag we wear around our necks, with a camera and another person listening and talking to us at the push of a button. He has promised that if the thieves should appear in the shop again he will not reprimand us for the loss of stock, and walked us through how to bug both head office and the police to ensure that security is upped in the store.

This was working really well, and we were starting to feel much better at work, and within ourselves. Until a new family full of unruly and rude people came to town having been driven out of their previous town. And the problems have started again.

I can’t do this anymore, I feel threatened and unsafe when I am at work, and I am constantly curtain twitching anytime I hear anyone outside my house. I am going to quit my job, the stress, anxiety and paranoia that comes with serving particular members of society just isn’t worth it.

That’s all for now.

Rant over.

Much love xx

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It’s the beginning of Lock down 2020 and boredom is setting in. We can’t go out, we can’t see friends and family. Our social life is failing, so we look for a new hobby to start, or just something to do. This is where I found online makeup classes. Everything you need to know about becoming a Makeup Artist.

Finally I was able to relax a little. Engage my brain in something other than pandemic and toddler life, and be able to do something for me. I got myself my notebook and pen, and got to work every evening making notes, and attempting the skills they show on myself.

Yeah! I didn’t really think it through. You really need some kind of model to be able to practise everything on, that way you can concentrate on perfecting the skill before going in on yourself. So that was fun. Attempting new looks on myself while trying to also watch the tutorials that the classes were giving.

Whilst doing this course however, most of the information given were things that I already knew. I had learnt these things from makeup artists over the years, and just by following basic fashion, and reading the fashion magazines in their hundreds. (I really like fashion lol).

Whilst there was so much that I hadn’t learnt from the makeup course, and that quite frankly was just a waste of time, there were around 5 INTERESTING things that I did learn from this course.

1. Skincare is REALLY important.

The basis of a good look, and good makeup is good skin. And you can’t have that without a good skincare routine. We should be washing our face once in the morning to remove any skin cells and dirt from our faces that may have built up over night. And again once before we go to bed, to remove all makeup and dirt which has built up over the day.

We should be taking care of our skin, so moisturising both day and night is just as important, along with using a good face mask at least once a week.

Having made an effort to look after my skin better, I have actually noticed a huge improvement in my skin. It seems brighter and clearer that it used to. Breakouts are very few and far (whereas before I would have a breakout at least every other week) and my skin has never felt better.

2. Makeup is a form of ART

This was something I hadn’t ever really thought about. We are called a makeup “artist” for a reason. Makeup is a form of art. Essentially your face is your blank canvas and your makeup is your paint. Thinking of makeup as art makes it more acceptable to be experimental and think outside the box. Since changing my mindset on makeup I have been able to do things with my makeup that I wouldn’t usually do, such as using bright colours and attempting to make different shapes around the eyes. Rather than sticking to my norm.

3. Practise Makes Perfect

This goes without saying. The more you practise the better you will become. The more you practise the more you become used to various techniques, and what they do. You will grasp a better understanding of the products and how they work, go on, look etc. And most importantly you will understand and know the tools of the trade 100% better, you will understand what the difference is from one brush to the next. You will be able to look at someone and instinctively know what they need to achieve that flawless look.

4. Products have Expiry Dates

This is something I NEVER KNEW!!!!

On the back of each cosmetic and beauty product there is a little picture with a number in it. This number is how many months that product will last once it has been opened. It is as simple as that.

Once beauty and cosmetic products have been opened like food they begin to deteriorate and host all kinds of bacteria, which is why we should dispose of them once they have expired.

When I found this tip out I looked at all my beauty products and had a really good clear out. What was even better was I GOT TO GO SHOPPING!!!

5. Our Tools MUST be Cleaned regularly.

This follows on from the last on in regards to bacteria. Cleaning our brushes regularly not only helps to maintain their performance levels, but also rids of any nasty bacteria lurking in the bristles that may cause harm to our faces. Harm can be in the form of rashes, or even worse, especially with the eye brushes. So a regular clean is needed.

It is really simple to clean a brush, all you have to do is use some baby shampoo and a little bit of water. This will keep the brushes soft and remove the product from them. It is a really simple and quick step to cleaning your brushes, and whats more, they are dry within half an hour (give or take) so you can reuse them almost straight away!

There you have it, my 5 important things that I learnt from online makeup classes.

Have any of you taken a makeup class? Did you learn something else that you think is as important (or more so)? If so please don’t hesitate to comment your findings below.

Much love xx