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Can I Just Talk About Snacking?

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We all do it. We all have a sneaky bite here or a chocolate bar there, or a cuppa with a biscuit.

I’m not about to lecture you and say you should only be having healthy snacks because I’m a mum, and I need some sugary treats just as much as the next person. No. What I am going to talk about it the fact that as a mum you are unable to snack without a little face staring straight at you, no not you, your snack.

“Please mummy, I need it”

“I want one too” (magic word?) “Peeeeas”

That familiar battle you have with a child on the constant as you find 5 minutes to just have a quick bite of something you want, undisturbed.

I’ve literally found myself hiding my head in the fridge as I quickly take a bite out of something nice while looking around the door to see if she is looking at me. (oh, did I mention this is after she has already had her snack quota for the day – mostly healthy with one sweet treat for good behaviour) I am usually successful at having something nice, until there is a packet involved.

It’s literally like all of a sudden this child that has been ignoring me when saying “could you tidy this up please?” or “don’t touch that” has the most perfect hearing. I swear that by just the wrapper sound my little one knows exactly what it is I have opened. Open a bag of pasta, no reaction. Open a chocolate bar, she’s there right under my feet “Me some please mummy”.

How do they do it?

I know of some people that have to hide in a cupboard, or in their downstairs toilet just to get a snack. it’s absolutely crazy.

If you didn’t know how much my little girl eats, when I get a snack out she literally acts as if she’s not seen food for about a week.

I know i’m not alone in this snacking world. I would love to hear all your stories about trying to have a snack (good or bad we don’t judge others as parents, that’s not fair)

Happy snacking x

much love xx


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