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Spring/Summer Fashion Wish List 2021

Since looking at NewLook for fashion inspiration for the next season, I have been looking at other shops aswell to find items that I like, and I have to say I have not been disappointed at all. It has been so long since I last went shopping properly that I have a funny feeling that a HUGE haul is about to happen when the stores reopen their doors for the public.

There are already so many items that I am loving at the moment and I can’t wait to be able to really look the clothes and make an informed decision on the quality of the goods before I purchase them.

Here is my fashion wish list from other stores that I have looked at:

Purple Playsuit – From

I love a play suit for the summertime. I find that they are super comfy and are great for any occasion. They go great with a pair of sandals or trainers and make it really easy to get ready in the morning.

Only downfall about a play suit?

It is rather difficult to get out of when you need to pee, however they look great and they are one of my favourite types of clothing that I own.

You can find this play suit here.

Missguided Trench Coat (from ASOS)

I have always had a Trench Coat since before I started Uni. It has become my go to type of coat and I absolutely love them. They can make any outfit look a little more classy, and they go with almost everything.

If you have never had a trench coat in your closet then you should definitely invest in one, as they really are a great item to have. I usually bring one with me on a night out, as when it gets colder towards the end of the night I have something to keep me warm, and something to switch up my outfit.

It’s a win-win!

You can find this trench coat here.

Natural Ballet Flats (ASOS)

A pair of neutral coloured ballet flats are a must have every summer for me. They go with practically everything, and they are super comfy. My style is all about practicality and comfort, as well as things that I feel suit me.

I don’t really like to wear sandals as such as I find they end up hurting my feet, but these particular flats are a kind of cross between a sandal and ballet flat that they would be perfect for my summer wardrobe this year.

You can find these shoes here.

Espadrille Sandals (ASOS)

Following on from the last item I had looked at I thought that I would give a different type of sandal a go this year, and came across these. They are coral in colour and more of an espadrille than a sandal. I really like the fabric cross over on the top of these sandals and wish that I could try them on before purchasing, however they are from ASOS so the likelihood of that happening is nil.

However they look super comfy so I am going to keep a lookout for the reviews to start coming in to see what others think of them.

You can find these sandals here.

Tan Backpack (ASOS)

I have loved a backpack/ rucksack since having Isabelle. They are so handy to hold all the essentials which you need for a day out, and because they go on your back they evenly distribute the weight over your back rather than causing one arm stress.

I always look for new rucksacks when my current one starts to wear out, and whilst my current one is still in perfect condition (coz let’s face it, we haven’t exactly had anywhere to go), I have been looking for one in this colour.

I love the simplicity of the style and the fact that it is neutral so will go with every single item I already own.

You can find this backpack here.

Blue Wash Denim Jeans (ASOS)

I have been looking for some new jeans, as my current ones have rips in them (all over the place). I don’t really like wearing ripped jeans as I feel like it shows that you haven’t got a lot of money (I come from a background of living on tight budgets), and whilst I will embrace my current jeans I do want a pair that will actually keep my knees warm and covered.

I have chosen a stone wash pair of jeans as I already have the “classic” blue style and a pair of black jeans, so I wanted to go for something a bit different. They aren’t really my usual kind of style, but I am willing to try them out.

You can find these jeans here.

Silk Pyjamas (ASOS)

It has been so many years since I last had a new pair of Jammies (Pyjamas), and when I saw these I thought they looked really cute and were something I should have to replace my old ones that I am getting rid of.

They are a silk material making them super soft against the skin and really comfy.

I love a good pair of pyjamas and if I can find some to match in Isabelle’s size I might just end up getting them.

You can find these pyjamas here.

Shirt and Shorts Pyjama set (Asos)

Yes! Another pair of pyjamas. However this time they have a really cute button up detailing and a contasting black detail throughout the pair.

I love the vintage style of these pyjamas and I think these are going to look super cute when worn. These are a pair that I am really considerig getting at some point over the next month or so.

You can find these pyjamas here.

Pale Pink Skater Style Dress (

This is not my usual style of dress, but I thought it looked really cute! And with a few events coming up this year (when we can finally get together with family and friends), I am looking for some iconic pieces to wear to stand out in the crowd at the things which are coming up.

What drew me to this dress was the cinched in waist, and the frills around the arms, I just think that this dress is the epitome of feminine beauty and I think it would look really nice on. However, the more I look at it the more I doubt if it will actually suit me or not.

You can find this dress here.

Cargo Trousers (

LOVE LOVE LOVE! A pair of cargo trousers are great for a muddy day out with the family. These kind of trousers would be a great item to wear when we go up into the woods, and explore through the mud to see what we can find. (Something we do at least once a week)

I love the colour, and the style of these trousers and if I didn’t already have a couple of pairs of trousers like this they would have been purchased straight away.

You can find these trousers here.

Blue Culotte Jump Suit

Just like the Play Suit, I really love a good Jump Suit for the colder nights, and for a more classy look.

I feel that navy blue is a really good colour on me, and it adds to the “class” appeal. You can make a jump suit casual by simply pairing it with a pair of trainers and a large hat, or just wearing as it is bare footed, with messy hair. (How i end up most of the time in the summer lol)

This jump suit is a cropped culotte style and I think it looks really comfy and durable. Which is what’s needed for a mum who is constantly on her feet.

You can find the jump suit here.

Ribbed Body Suit (H&M)

I think I mentioned this in my last post but i love a good body suit as they are a great way to “tuck everything in” and make an outfit seem more complete. A body suit allows you to purchase a “bottom” item with detailing at the top, as you will still be able to see this detailing, unlike with a looser fitting top.

I have looked at this white one in particular because most of my clothing that I wear on the bottom on dark, so I want something to contrast with them.

I love a white top as they are neutral and really easy to build up a great look. I will probably look into getting a black version of this as well if I do end up getting it.

You can find this body suit here.

Linen Sun Dress (H & M)

This little dress is something that I probably wont end up getting, it isn’t really my colour or a style that suits me. However I clicked on this and added it to my wish list for the month because it looks super cute and girlie, and if it was in a childs size, I would probably have gotten this for Isabelle.

I love the way this dress sits on the model and flows. The shoulders aren’t too big and puffy so they allow you to keep your feminine shape, and the front of the dress draws attention to the smallest parts of the torso.

You can find this dress here.

This is my full wishlist (excluding the New Look items) that I have for this month, and I haven’t decided whether or not I am going to get the items yet, as there are so many things to choose from.

Did you like anything on my wish list?

If so which items?

Comment below and let me know!

Much love xx

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