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It’s the beginning of Lock down 2020 and boredom is setting in. We can’t go out, we can’t see friends and family. Our social life is failing, so we look for a new hobby to start, or just something to do. This is where I found online makeup classes. Everything you need to know about becoming a Makeup Artist.

Finally I was able to relax a little. Engage my brain in something other than pandemic and toddler life, and be able to do something for me. I got myself my notebook and pen, and got to work every evening making notes, and attempting the skills they show on myself.

Yeah! I didn’t really think it through. You really need some kind of model to be able to practise everything on, that way you can concentrate on perfecting the skill before going in on yourself. So that was fun. Attempting new looks on myself while trying to also watch the tutorials that the classes were giving.

Whilst doing this course however, most of the information given were things that I already knew. I had learnt these things from makeup artists over the years, and just by following basic fashion, and reading the fashion magazines in their hundreds. (I really like fashion lol).

Whilst there was so much that I hadn’t learnt from the makeup course, and that quite frankly was just a waste of time, there were around 5 INTERESTING things that I did learn from this course.

1. Skincare is REALLY important.

The basis of a good look, and good makeup is good skin. And you can’t have that without a good skincare routine. We should be washing our face once in the morning to remove any skin cells and dirt from our faces that may have built up over night. And again once before we go to bed, to remove all makeup and dirt which has built up over the day.

We should be taking care of our skin, so moisturising both day and night is just as important, along with using a good face mask at least once a week.

Having made an effort to look after my skin better, I have actually noticed a huge improvement in my skin. It seems brighter and clearer that it used to. Breakouts are very few and far (whereas before I would have a breakout at least every other week) and my skin has never felt better.

2. Makeup is a form of ART

This was something I hadn’t ever really thought about. We are called a makeup “artist” for a reason. Makeup is a form of art. Essentially your face is your blank canvas and your makeup is your paint. Thinking of makeup as art makes it more acceptable to be experimental and think outside the box. Since changing my mindset on makeup I have been able to do things with my makeup that I wouldn’t usually do, such as using bright colours and attempting to make different shapes around the eyes. Rather than sticking to my norm.

3. Practise Makes Perfect

This goes without saying. The more you practise the better you will become. The more you practise the more you become used to various techniques, and what they do. You will grasp a better understanding of the products and how they work, go on, look etc. And most importantly you will understand and know the tools of the trade 100% better, you will understand what the difference is from one brush to the next. You will be able to look at someone and instinctively know what they need to achieve that flawless look.

4. Products have Expiry Dates

This is something I NEVER KNEW!!!!

On the back of each cosmetic and beauty product there is a little picture with a number in it. This number is how many months that product will last once it has been opened. It is as simple as that.

Once beauty and cosmetic products have been opened like food they begin to deteriorate and host all kinds of bacteria, which is why we should dispose of them once they have expired.

When I found this tip out I looked at all my beauty products and had a really good clear out. What was even better was I GOT TO GO SHOPPING!!!

5. Our Tools MUST be Cleaned regularly.

This follows on from the last on in regards to bacteria. Cleaning our brushes regularly not only helps to maintain their performance levels, but also rids of any nasty bacteria lurking in the bristles that may cause harm to our faces. Harm can be in the form of rashes, or even worse, especially with the eye brushes. So a regular clean is needed.

It is really simple to clean a brush, all you have to do is use some baby shampoo and a little bit of water. This will keep the brushes soft and remove the product from them. It is a really simple and quick step to cleaning your brushes, and whats more, they are dry within half an hour (give or take) so you can reuse them almost straight away!

There you have it, my 5 important things that I learnt from online makeup classes.

Have any of you taken a makeup class? Did you learn something else that you think is as important (or more so)? If so please don’t hesitate to comment your findings below.

Much love xx


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