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Weekly Meal Planning

The most important part of feeding a family on a budget is that you plan you food for the week. Going to the shops with no plan on what you actually need is a big no! no!

With no list how do you know what’s in your cupboard or fridge, or the ingredients needed for a meal you are making? Going out without a list is like going to the hairdressers with no style in mind. You just dont do it.

A list prevents you from getting too much of a product – leading to waste – and is an attempt to stop impulse buying which can be very costly. Trust me I know. I once spent £25 on party food because I was hungry and what’s worse I went shopping without a list resulting in a nearly £80 shop!

A list helps you to ensure you stick to your budget and dont over spend.

Meal plan

Planning your meals for a week is a sure way to ensure you keep costs low and more importantly have some sort of organisation in the house. Which is vital when you have children.

I always sit down with my little one and look through the cookbooks together. If there is something she wishes to have it goes on my 6 meals list. I do 6 meals which are planned and 1 unplanned meal a week. This means that we get to have anything we like on the day, which is usually a saturday.

Where to start

It can be quite daunting to meal prep if you dont really know how to do it, or if you have never done it before.

Here are my tips on making it a little easier to start…

  1. What meals did you have last week?
    • You don’t really want to be eating the same foods every week so making sure you don’t duplicate a meal from the week before is a good way to stop food boredom.
  2. Is there anything new you want to try?
    • I always try to have at least 1 new item in my meal plan for the week. Whether this is a breakfast idea, a lunch thing, or an evening meal. Trying something new means that we are constantly expanding our food palettes, and what’s more we are always having fun with our food.
  3. Look at the food you have in your fridge and cupboards
    • See what there is in the cupboards before making up your meal plans, is there anything that you have that could make up a meal?
    • This is the best thing that I have ever done it helps me to use up all the things I have in the cupboards. I have been so inventive with some of my recipes just from going through my cupboards and fridge before sorting out my meal plan.
  4. Allow someone else to choose one meal, each week.
    • Take the pressure off of you and let someone else choose a meal they would like to have.
  5. Make a list, or find an inventive way to document all of your recipes that you use on a weekly basis.
    • So you can easily and quickly get the ingredients you need, and so you can see how varied your diet is. Is there something missing from your recipes? Do you have a good mix of potato dishes, pasta, rice etc. Or have you got more of one ingredient in your repertoire?

These are the few tips that will help you to plan your meals for the week, allowing you to make sure that you have made the most out of everything that you have in your cupboards. But most importantly making sure that your food doesn’t become boring.

I tend to write down about 10-14 meals that I am happy to cook for the week and ask Isabelle to pick the ones she would like (I do this like a lucky dip in a hat and she loves it.) By selecting 10-14 meals means that I have some control over the meals we will be eating for the week, and therefore we can attempt to reduce the amount of repeated meals week to week.

My Weekly Meal Plan

I have spoken so much about how to do a meal plan, but I thought I would show you what my meal plans generally look like. So just for you all, today, I will show you my meal plan for this week coming.

As you can see on this meal plan, my meals for the week are mainly ONE POT dishes. This is for ease and speed for our meals as we tend to be rather busy and forget about the time. In having the one pot dishes I can prep in the morning and finish the dish in the evening. This means that I am not using up too much time cooking in the evening. I also try to make sure that I am giving my daughter and myself a variety of different foods throughout the week, rather than a week of just pasta, or potato dishes.

This is how I meal prep every week, I hope that I have inspired and helped you out with how to meal plan. I find it a really useful way to help with my weekly budget and knowing exactly what I am cooking for the week.

Let me know what you do to meal plan, or if you are going to use my tips to help you out.

See you all soon


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We Forgot to Put the Bins Out!

Hello everyone, this post marks the beginning of my daily blogging of my everyday life, and as usual we are never short of a laugh or a little bit of drama. Hey! That’s families for you.

Well yesterday was bin day, and we are still trying to get rid of the rubbish we have accumulated over Christmas. It would appear that when you have Christmas at home you end up with a lot more rubbish than usual. We had finally got down to 1 more bag to be put in the bin and then we would be officially caught up. We have been using the bins as normal and then throwing in the Christmas rubbish as we put the bin out to be collected.

Well this week! This week has been a bit different, and our normal routine has been all over the place. Two staff members have been on holiday, which has meant we have been working on different days of the week, and with different staff members too. (Shouldn’t really happen due to the pandemic but it can’t be helped in this situation.) So we ended up not remembering what day it is, or what happens on those particular days due to the fact that our routines are completely wrong. Has anyone else had this before, or is it just me?

It’s Thursday morning 9am, and I wake up to the sound of a bin being emptied outside my house. (Isabelle was at her dads as I was working Wednesday Evening), I sit bolt upright, look out the window, and sure enough there is the bin truck collecting the bins. By the time I get downstairs and open my door to send my bin to the end of my drive in the hopes that it is collected, the truck has gone.

Turned out we had the wrong bin out at the end of our drive.

The Black bin. Why did we have the black bin at the end of the drive?

I literally just sat there and laughed.

“Oh well that’s another 2 weeks now before we can get rid of the recycling.” I say to myself (out loud) as I close the front door and creep back upstairs to get dressed and ready for the day ahead of me.

When I tell my house mate what has happened he laughs and takes me into the garden…… there down the side of the house is another 3 bags of recycling that need to be rid, plus the 2 large cardboard boxes we have been using as a recycling bin inside, and then everything we will accumulate over the next fortnight! Yup, we’re going to have recycling rubbish sat in our house for at least 2 months.

So now we have a garden we can’t really sort out because of the recycling, and a bin we cant fill up because it is already over full. Something tells me this year is going to be a year full of silly things like this. I THINK I’M LOSING MY MIND!!!

I honestly can’t wait for lock down to be over. I need to see my family, and I need to be able to get out of this house. I am going stir crazy. The only places I go at the moment (much like everyone else in the country) is work, the school gates and my house, and the occasional food shop in Aldi. I think it’s time for a long break, away from the house.

I hope you enjoyed my story.

Please let me know if you experience anything like this with your day to day jobs.

Much love

Emma xx

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Mummy’s Sausage Hot Pot

I love a one pot dish. They are so simple to make, and yet can have many complexities to them. My sausage hot pot is a kind of casserole. This is a recipe that my mum used to make for me on a cold winters night, she would put it on first thing in the morning, we would all go to work and school, and when we get back we have a wonderful dish to eat for dinner.

Sausage casserole was one of my favourite meals that my mum would cook. It’s super tasty and really easy to make. You can add or take away any of the veg that you throw into this dish, and the more you play with the sauce the better the dish becomes.

I always love to cook with Isabelle and this is one dish she absolutely loves to make with me. As soon as she sees the slow cooker come out she is right there by my side ready to throw all the veg into the pot for me and stir. This recipe is so simple that even a three year old can make it. Getting children to cook from an early age is a brilliant way to set them up with the skills they need for life, they learn where their food comes from, that it takes time to make a good meal, and that they should be eating at least ONE hot meal a day. Ever since Isabelle could walk she has been assisting me in the kitchen, and I will be making sure that she continues to do so until she is old enough to cook dinner herself.

My Sausage Casserole Recipe:


  • 6 sausages
  • 1 onion
  • 1 leek
  • 2 cloves of garlic (finely chopped, or crushed)
  • 1 Veg stock cube (Or chicken as an alternative – I used chicken in the video)
  • 3 carrots (chopped small)
  • 1 tin of chopped tomatoes
  • 1 tin of baked beans
  • 2 handfuls of mushrooms (chopped)

I don’t really measure the ingredients as I like to cook by eye. It means that there is no right or wrong with the amount of ingredient you put into the dish, but you can put in as little or lot as you like.


  1. Start of by browning the sausages, this will only take a few minutes, and you just want a little bit of colour on each side of the sausages.
  2. Add in the onions, garlic and leek and cook a little until soft.
  3. Once the veg is softened slightly add in the remaining ingredients and leave to cook for 1 hr on the slow cooker. (Alternatively you can cook in the oven on the lowest setting, cooking times may vary in the oven so keep an eye on your hotpot!)
  4. At about 1 hr add in any herbs and seasoning you wish to have in your casserole, and anything else you think it may need (we sometimes add in a drizzle of wine, or Worcestershire sauce, and once we tried mango chutney which was quite nice!) Leave for another 30 mins to 1 hr
  5. Make sure the sausages are cooked through, and serve with mashed potato

There you have it, the simple tasty sausage casserole that I make nearly every fortnight. It is great for those busy days where you haven’t really got a lot of time to cook dinner, as you can make it first thing in the morning and keep it on a low heat until you are ready to eat.


Much love xx

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Beauty Tips

Since being a mum I have had to adapt my beauty regime massively due to the lack of time that I get. I now find that I have much more time to look after myself during the evenings when my daughter is asleep, rather than being able to focus on my original morning routine.

Over the first 6 months of my daughters life, I had to find alternative ways to still be able to look great, feel great and look after my body. I found that with just these 5 tips I was able to look after myself much easier than with the original long-processed skincare routine that I was following daily.

  1. Get your complexion spot on
    • Try out several shades and colours
    • Use a concealer with a yellow undertone to mask red tones and even the skin out
  2. Add volume to your hair
    • Turn your hairdryer to the cool setting and turn your head upside down to add in a natural volume
  3. Use gloss as a highlighter
    • Pearly white lip gloss will add that extra bit of shine on your lips, but can also be used as a highlighter on your cheekbones and brows
  4. Perfect legs
    • Put baby oil over your legs before you shave, this results in no irritation and your legs will feel like satin once it is over
    • This will make your shave last longer making you feel better about your legs and making them look perfect
  5. Manicure Fresh
    • Use clear nail polish and give your nails a single coat, this will give them a shine and strength, this is only a quick repair method rather than anything else

These simple steps will help to ensure that we have great looking skin, with very minimal effort, and best of all, minimal time taken. As a mum anything that takes little time, effort and cost to help out with my daily routines is an absolute bonus, and so I do these things every week/ day to make sure that I always look “made up” especially when we end up in a rush.

Please let me know anything you would add to my list.

Much Love

Emma xx

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Skin care products recommended by makeup artists

Things that we should all have in our makeup bag, and questioning whether I have everything which beauticians and makeup artists recommend, have often been questions I have asked myself. During my online beauty and makeup course I learnt so many things, but I finally got my answer that I was asking and I felt I needed to share this with you.

There are really around 15 items which beauticians and makeup artists recommend that you should have for your daily beauty regime. However I have gone through the list, and made it more focused on the makeup side rather than the beauty, as being a mum I don’t always have time to stick to a good beauty regime, meaning that some of the products recommended were not really applicable to me.

The 7 Things I believe are important

  1. Pore hiding primer – large pores can make it look like you have bad quality skin, a good primer will smooth other the pores and hide them. Large pores does mean that it is harder to keep bacteria away, and the primer will help to hide them while you are treating your skin.
  2. Translucent smoothing powder- there is no need to add a huge quantity of foundation to your skin, a good translucent smoothing powder will help give you an even skin tone instead. The mix of a foundation and powder covers up the small irregularities resulting in a perfect even skin tone. Your skin will also have a radiant glow to die for.
  3. Concealer– nothing worse than dark circles around your eyes, making you look tired and old. Virtually every single person gets them at some time, and you will want to cover them up as soon as possible. Products that contain mica particles lift the darkness and hydrates the skin.
  4. Foundation – The base of anyone’s makeup. This is a great product to have in any form to help you look made up even if it is the only product that you are wearing at the time.
  5. Mascara – This will help to widen and open up your eyes, a mascara will enable your face to seem like it is lit up and give you a fresh look for the day.
  6. Makeup remover – We shouldn’t be wearing makeup unless we have the correct products to remove our makeup. Try out a Miscellar water or a cleansing cream for best result.
  7. Face Moisturiser – Again skincare is the most important part of our daily routine, and a face moisturiser should not be overlooked. This will help to keep your skin looking young and supple.

These are the products that I believe we should all have in our makeup bags, mainly for beginners. Is there anything you think I have missed? Would you swap anything I have put in there for something else?

Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to check out my video where I talk more about the products and why we need them.

Much love!


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What’s in my Makeup Bag?

Hey everyone! Here is a video of all the products that I have in my makeup bag. The products in my bag are just a selection of the products I actually own, and so my makeup bag is constantly changing depending on my mood, the season/weather and what I’m doing for the day. So my makeup bag is constantly changing all the time. The bag that I filmed for you today is the most common type of bag I have, I usually also have a blusher (but I ran out of that) and the eye shadow palette generally swaps around.

I have always had a love of makeup and fashion, and this means that my wardrobe and beauty/makeup collection is constantly being updated. However since having my little girl her wardrobe tends to be updated before mine.

My makeup bag is different every couple of weeks and the more makeup I discover the more that creeps into my daily makeup routine!

Products I shared

– No 7. Stay Perfect Foundation – Calico -
– Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – fair –
– Rimmel London Natural Bronzing Powder – Sun Glow –
– Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder – Translucent -
– Collection Eyes Uncovered Eyeshadow Palette – Bare Nude –
– Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – Black –
– Nivea Lipbalm

Find me at:
FACEBOOK – Theworldofmum
Instagram – Theworldofmum

Some of the links above are affiliate links. Using an affiliate link means that I receive a % of the revenue made from purchasing products through this link. This doesn’t affect you as the consumer or the price of the product.

I hope you enjoy the video x

Much love

Emma xx

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My Top 5 Affordable – Hair Care Products

Hair care products, there are so many too choose from and each one does a different thing. We have Shampoo and Conditioner, designed to clean the hair and soften it after a wash. With just Shampoo and Conditioner there are hundreds of formulas and products out there; some for a generic wash, some for greasy hair, dry hair, coloured hair, damaged hair, some to help stimulate growth, some to prevent hair fall out, some for dandruff, the list goes on. The question is however, how do we know which ones are worth investing in, and which ones are not.

We can spend years and years searching for the right product for us, and some may never find their perfect product. I have delved into the world of hair care, looking at all the “drug store” brands and products which are worth purchasing and which ones are not. I have tried and tested hundreds of different types of products, from Shampoo and Conditioner to Hairspray, heat protector and so much more.

There are lots of varying factors that we look for when searching for beauty products, and I have only recently started to do proper research on the products that I use. One of the biggest things I look for is whether the products are made out of sustainable materials, and how many “bad” ingredients there are in them. For example I want to make sure that I am getting as many natural ingredients in my skin and hair care as I possibly can.

Below is a list of my Top 5 Hair Care Products, (you can see my video above also).

  1. Umberto Gianini Grow Root Stimulating Shampoo/ Conditioner
    • This is a recent find of mine, and I absolutely love it. Since using this my hair has felt amazing, looked great and my dandruff has cleared up completely as well! If you haven’t ever tried the Umberto Gianinni range I highly recommend that you do, as it really is great, it smells great and really cleans the hair. What’s more Umberto Gianinni pride themselves on the fact their products are 100% vegan and cruelty free.
  2. Batiste Dry Shampoo
    • The dry shampoo that everyone has in their cupboard. This is the only dry shampoo I have ever needed. I have tried some others but they left a funny texture to my hair and wasn’t that great when it came to covering up the greasy patches in my hair.
  3. Aussie Shampoo/Conditioner
    • Another cruelty free product. Their products smell amazing, and are reasonably priced. I love their products and have been using them for years and years before finding my new shampoo and conditioner (the Umberto) and my hair has always felt and looked great after every use.
  4. Lee Stafford Hair Growth Activation Treatment
    • This is a product I have been using every so often to help with the health and growth of my hair. It smells great and when used with the shampoo and conditioner your hair is left with a wonderful lasting scent, and I mean lasting as three days after a wash it will still smell amazing!
  5. Lee Stafford Original Heat Protection
    • Anyone who doesn’t have a heat protector of some sort for their hair is absolute bonkers. We should be using this to protect our hair and making sure that it doesn’t get damaged too much from the day to day wear and tear that we put our hair under. I have tried many but this one smells the best and doesn’t leave my hair with a sort of “film” covering it, instead it gets absorbed into the hair and really helps to protect from heat.

These are my top 5 hair care products, which I swear by for the care and upkeep of my hair. Is there any product that you love as much as I love these? What are they let me know! I would love to hear what you use and the products which you prefer.

Much Love

Emma xx

DISCLAIMER: Some of the links above are affiliate links. Using an affiliate link means that I receive a % of the revenue made from purchasing products through this link. This doesn’t affect you as the consumer or the price of the product.

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My Daily Makeup Routine

We all have a daily routine which we follow. Whether it is for our skincare, makeup, the school run etc. You name it, we all have a routine which we follow, without even realising it.

My daily makeup routine has not changed over the last few months. The only thing that does differ occasionally is the products that I use, and the colours. These change with the seasons and the mood that I am in at the time of doing my makeup, and much like many others I am always experimenting with new things.

Every time I apply my makeup, I am improving and learning and whilst I have a daily routine which I follow my routine will no doubt adapt further along down the road as I find new techniques that work for me.

Products I Use

Some of the links above are affiliate links. Using an affiliate link means that I receive a % of the revenue made from purchasing products through this link. This doesn’t affect you as the consumer or the price of the product.